Saturday, 16 August 2014

Back to School: Changing Your Current Schedule #1

School is starting again soon if the school year starts in September in your country and I thought I would do a few blog posts to give tips of how to change your current holiday schedule so it won't be so hard when you start school again.

1. Most importantly, if your sleeping pattern is all over the place or you sleep when you would normally be in school then now is the best time to try to start to change it to a sleep pattern that will fit your school schedule.

A good tip for whenever you want to try and change your sleep pattern is to slowly change it and not go to bed hours earlier than you would normally do. If the difference in times are not that big then change it by 5-10 minutes, if the times are further apart then change it by 20-30 minutes. You may not be used to it straight away but after a while you could find yourself becoming tired or wanting to go to bed earlier than you thought.

2. As well as getting to sleep earlier, waking up earlier will also help your body get ready to waking up early for school. Again it can only be by 5-10 minutes or more if you think you could do that. However, I have found that I tend to lay in bed for hours after I wake up and if you do this as well then we can use the same technique of getting up earlier or going through our getting ready routine some days to help prepare us for the change

3. As I just said, doing our getting ready routine will help us to being up and doing stuff earlier in the morning but also actually going out to do things can help us to wake up our bodies more and prepare ourselves even more, even if it is just a simple walk.

4. Although this may seem like a waste of time for the end of the holidays, doing more 'brain teasers' to help your brain get used to having to challenge itself and doing work. Obviously you don't have to spend much time doing this as it could be a maths question or even simply a word search, anything at all.

5. Another tip which won't apply to everyone is to regulate your meals to when you would eat when you're at school. I've been used to having a meal whenever I want and eating whenever I want but we can't do that at school so if you also do this then, like before, slowly start changing it.

I hope these tips come in handy and keep an eye out for my next posts on going back to school
- Zin x