Monday, 27 October 2014

How to Make Eye Shadow Multi-purpose

Eye shadow is great fr giving your eyes character by using light, dark or both shades in every colour, but it can also do a lot more which can also save you money.

1. Eye liner

It is known that you can use eye shadow to make an eye liner effect by using different colours, but if you pick the correct shade and apply the right amount it could look like you are wearing real eye liner. Although this isn't a massive unknown discovery, it could save you time and money trying to find a perfect eye liner.

2. Eyebrow Filler

If you aren't into really filled eyebrows but want an effect of a fuller brow or to help shape your eyebrows then it is good to use eye shadow rather than a pencil. I find pencils always come out very bold even when I press lightly however eye shadow helps to make the lighter and thinner parts of my eyebrow look darker and thicker.

3. Contouring

Contouring with eye shadow is a lot easier on smaller parts I find such as contouring the nose. I like to use eye shadow rather than bronzer as it looks orange on my skin tone (as well as most foundations) so I use a light brown eye shadow to help contour my nose.


With these tips you could save money and time trying to find the perfect product when you can just use a simpler and cheaper eye shadow. If you have any other ways you know of how to make eye shadow multi-purpose then let me know in the comments.

- Zin x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What's on My Birthday List?

It's October and not only does that mean Halloween is coming up but my birthday is also soon so I thought I would share with you a small list of a few things I would like, then after my birthday I will share what I did get!

This is first on my list because I have really wanted this for a long time now. It's not just an ordinary lip tint as you put it on your lips then wait around 10 minutes and peel it off and it lasts all day. It's also known as a semi-tattoo type of make-up because it lasts all day. 

A lot of brands have started to take this on but I think this is the first brand to have done it. The link (name of the item) goes to Wish Trend and shows the product for $12.79 which is around £8. It seems a lot for some lip tint but if it lasts a long time and saves you from applying more throughout the day then it should be worth it.

2. Socks

(These socks are from Topshop here) I really love these types of socks with little pictures all over them and so I really hope I can get some more for my birthday.

3. iPod Touch

I've been stuck on a small iPod Nano for 5 years now and it's slowly breaking. I don't think I will be receiving this however because all generations of the iPod Touch are very far out of my family's price range unfortunately. (iPod pictured is 5th generation)

4. Purse

I've had my current purse for a while and this too is also breaking (I like to keep things for as long as possible so this means a lot of my things are breaking). I'm fond of small purses with a lot of compartments so they can fit easily in my bag. I would really like this purse as I have seen it in the shops for a while.

- Zin x
P.S I just want to apologise for not updating a lot, now that I'm doing A level a lot of my time is spent doing work and my laptop has been broken for a week and I've just got it back. I will try and update at least once a week from now on.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What To Wear With Checked Shirts

What To Wear With Checked Shirts

A fashion trend that I have recently picked up on is checked shirts,
sometimes over sized, sometimes fitted and sometimes loose fitted. The
great thing about the variation in styles of checked shirts is that you can
team it with pretty much anything and look on the point of fashion as
well as looking and feeling comfortable.

1. One way to wear checked shirts is with a denim jacket. What works
best is a checked shirt that is a similar colour to the one in the picture
and also oversized underneath a denim jacket that is also slightly
oversized. This is something that was fashionable about a year ago
but has become more popular and is still very fashionable.

2. Secondly, wearing a short black cropped top underneath an
unbuttoned oversized checked shirt has an almost 'dramatic' look and
works very well.

3. As easy as it sounds, tucking a checked shirt into a skirt similar to on
the picture. A light coloured shirt would work better with a light
coloured checked shirt.

4. This one is also very simple, an over sized checked shirt to act as a
dress then pair it with some leggings. 

5.To finish up, any type of checked shirt with a pair of jeans is the
ultimate lazy but fashionable look. 

- Zin x