Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pick of The Month: Topshop Mini Tara Holdall

Mini Tara Holdall - £38.00

These type of bags have been popular for a long while now but I have just recently been a bit obsessed with them. Although I haven't actually bought one yet (mostly because the ones I like are out of my price range along with this one) I hope to buy one soon.

This one from Topshop is probably my favourite at the moment, the colour is not really bold and it is light so it can go with pretty much any outfit.

The design is what I love the most about these bags and also normally have quite a bit of room in them so if you wanted you could use it as a work bag, a school bag or even a travelling bag. I like how the strap that you can put over your shoulder also goes well with the design as sometimes bags which have both handle and straps can look a bit out of place.

- Zin x

Friday, 25 July 2014

Album Review: Mamamoo - Hello

I loved Mamamoo's songs from before their debut and now that they have debuted and released their album I can't stop listening to it. Their sound is a lot different from other kpop idol groups and their vocals are really incredible.

1. Hello

This is an intro song so it's only 43 seconds but I think if it was to be a full song it would be really great, the harmonies are really good and help to give the song a sexy type of feel. There isn't anything extravagant happening with the vocals because the song is quite slow and is quiet which again makes the song quite sexy.

2. Mr Ambiguous 

I have been listening to this so much since it came out. Like their other songs, it is jazzy but this has a very up beat rhythm. Similar to other kpop groups they have found a way to put rap in a genre that is completely different to rap but it also fits really well even though it is just a short bit. This is the song they debuted with and it was a very good choice as it also shows off their great vocals especially at the end.

3. Heeheehaheho (Feat. Geeks) 

The title makes it sound as though it could possibly be a fun song but it has a laid back vibe to it. The rapping compliments the girl's singing very well. I haven't read the English lyrics but it sounds like it could be a song about how they're happy now they've broken up with someone? This is one of my favourite things in kpop that, even if you don't speak Korean, you can usually understand the emotion the singer or rapper is trying to communicate, something I hardly notice in western music.

4. Baton Touch

Baton Touch is another upbeat song with a good beat and still has the jazz genre happening but it is a lot more jazzy than the others and has an almost 1920's jazz theme to it but still sounds modern. Their vocals are shown in a different way at some points proving their talent even more by doing short and quieter phrases.

5.I Do Me (Hwa Sa Solo)

Out of place with the rest of the album, this is pretty much a hip hop song. The rapping is really good and she shows a few different skills such as quickening the pace and also rapping slow with style which some idol rappers cannot do. This song, to me, has a similar style to Teach Me How To Dougie, mostly because of the beat and the main part being repeated.

6. Don't Be Happy (Feat. Bumkey)

This is not as jazzy as the others but still has elements but is more acoustic than the others with less instruments to help bring out the vocals. Some parts also seem to have elements of tango or rumba music, this may sound odd but this also helps to add a demanding and fiery feeling to the music and the vocals. Bumkey has a really good voice which goes very well with these types of songs and his voice and vibe that he brings to the song compliments Mamamoo's vocals well too.

I hope you enjoyed, I feel like I have written quite a lot about the songs but the album is really impressive and the album is £3.49 for all 6 songs. I recommend you listen to some songs if you haven't yet.
- Zin x
P.S I'm not sure how many of you keep up with my updates or if any of you do seeing as my blog is still new but it recently reached 1,000 views and is now well over that so thank you all who visit and read my posts, I will continue to try my best to do well with my blog ^^

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

f(x) Red Light Inspired Outfit Ideas

f(x) Red Light Inspired Outfit Ideas

Although it's been a while since their song was released, I really liked the fashion
they had in their mv so here are a few clothing items that are similar and inspired
by it.

The clothing is quite simple but it all goes well and has a strong impression, as
does the song and the mv.

f(x) kept the black items with the black and the army green with the camouflage
 but they will all go well together if this was to become an outfit.

Hope you enjoyed
- Zin x

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sustainable Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially when you have school or work and probably won't eat again until late morning or lunch.

Because of this I have got a list of a few breakfast ideas that can give you energy through the whole morning and also keep you full so you don't get really hungry.

With most of these you would have fruit with them seeing as fruit has a lot of fibre to keep you full

1. Banana on toast

Of course it doesn't have to be banana but this is quite a popular choice. Bread also contains a lot of fibre and together the banana and the toast taste really well together. Toast (or bread if you prefer) on it's own can be pretty sustainable but for some people doesn't keep the full feeling.

2. Cereal

Cereal with fibre is the best choice of cereal for sustaining so make sure that it is high in fibre. Most cereals should be high in fibre anyway. A lot of high in fibre cereals are plain so supplementing them with fruit adds more taste.

3. Granola & yoghurt

I have been having this for the past 2 weeks and even when I am at home I'm not eating anything until lunchtime because it satisfies my hunger so well. Again, fruit is good to have with this as sometimes granola and yoghurt are very plain. I like to have a fruit such as strawberries because the juice adds flavour to the yoghurt.

4. Boiled egg on toast

Egg is another food that can make you feel full but boiling is a much healthier option as they are lower in fat than fried eggs and have more nutrition. Again, it not only adds something more to toast but can help to sustain the feeling of being full for longer than just toast.

HERE is a list of other foods that can help you feel full if you would rather something else for breakfast or ideas for other meals

Hope this was helpful
- Zin x

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer 2014 Floral Ideas

Summer 2014 Floral Ideas


Floral patterns have become very popular this summer and here are a few ideas of them.

This trend is very easy to match up with other clothing because they go with other clothing that is plain, patterned or also floral. 

However, if the other clothing is also floral then it is best if the floral patterns are similar although some that are different may match depending on what they look like.

I love this trend because it is colourful, bright and it can help make a statement.

- Zin x

Thursday, 10 July 2014

GOT7 - Got Love (GOT♡): Album Review

1. U Got Me
I first listened to this out loud in front of my family and realised it wasn't a good idea... The beat in the verses are strong and it has a hip hop style along with the cool whispery-type raps to make the song have a sexy vibe. The chorus is different as it is singing and has a sweeter sound with a melody to change the song up a bit. I really like this song and it surprised me that Got7 would have a song with a sexy vibe like this seeing as the just debuted this year.

2. A
This has been my favourite song since it came out and I still can't stop listening to it! It has such a catchy rhythm and a really good beat to it. (I apologise that I don't know all the members names) The vocals of the 'A' bit are probably what really makes the chorus so catchy and also quite different from other songs.

3. 나쁜짓 (Bad Behaviour)
This is also a favourite on the album. It has a hip hop and electronic sound, like a lot of kpop songs, but has kind of chanting in it and makes it seem more of a fun song, although the translated lyrics seems a bit creepy to me sometimes.

4. Good Tonight
Again, it is mostly a hip hop style song and the music has a lot happening in it whilst the singing is a lot more relaxed and slower for most of it and it fits really well. The music also has mixed sounds. (I'm sorry if you don't understand what I'm about to say) certain chords can sound happier and some sound sadder and in this song they are mixed together so I'm unsure of what kind of feeling it gives off other than being relaxed but also mysterious.

5. Forever Young
I really like this song too and is very different from the other songs as it is more acoustic than the others. It still has a hip hop beat and sound hip hop when they're rapping but the singing sometimes makes it sound like an R'n'B song. I didn't listen a lot to their debut album so this is the first time I have heard them do a song like this and it works very well with their voices.

A Remix's

6. Collapsedone 
This is my favourite remix. The only thing that has been changed is the backing music which is an acoustic backing. It helps to give a different feel to A and also, like a lot of acoustic songs, helps you to focus on the singing or rapping and the lyrics. It also helps you to notice the music and what is happening behind the vocals.

I am perhaps not that keen on this one but I think if the vocals were re-recorded to fit the music better then it would sound cleaner. The speed of the vocals have been edited to fit it which is why I don't really like it. It is a slower and quieter version and a lot more relaxed.

I have very mixed feelings on this because it is mostly dubstep throughout the song and, to me, only really fits with the song in certain parts. It sounds like the type of song that would be played in clubs because it is so heavily remixed at points which is another reason I don't like it and I'm probably not going to listen to this unless I had to.

Which songs are your favourite? Let me know by commenting below!
- Zin x

Monday, 7 July 2014

Boots Beauty Shopping Haul

I recently went shopping in Boots and bought a few beauty products which I am going to share with you.

1. Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks 

Revlon have these small eye shadow colour pallets in a large range of colours, I bought candy, petal and taupe. They have little slides on the sides of them so you can create your own actual pallet of colours which you want as you can often find that there will be a colour in an eye shadow pallet that you don't really want or end up not using, so these are great so you can chose exactly what you want.

2. Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gell Eyeshadow

Even though this is an eye shadow, I have used it as eye liner and works the same as gel eye liner too. This is in timeless black, which is black with a look of a sparkle in it but when it's on your eye the sparkle isn't very noticeable. It is also good as both a sharp block colour as well createing a smokey look.

3. No.7 Precision Eyeliner Brush

I think that these thin eyeliner brushes are best to use as they are thin so you can have your eyeliner thin and subtle or you can build it up bit by bit to make it thicker. I bought No. 7, even though it wasn't cheap,  because they are a good quality brand and I am most likely to get my money's worth out of it.

4. Maybelline Colour Show Nail Varnish

You can get block colours, such as this 'cool blue', or there are also glitter and neon nail varnishes too in this collection. There was a particular nail design I had wanted to try out (which I may do a tutorial or something similar for in the future) which is why I bought this colour, but I also really like the pastely type colour as is a great colour for summer.

- Zin x
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