Thursday, 31 March 2016

Oh My Girl (오마이걸) Liar Liar MV : Outfit Inspiration

Oh My Girl have a new song called 'Liar Liar' and, like any fashion concious being, the outfits the girls wore really caught my eye. I loved the outfits from the teaser pictures and the music video (which has great aesthetics can I say?). In the MV they mostly wore tops and skirts but I can't lie that loved the top and trouser outfits that were in the teaser images too. Here is some inspired outfits from the cute and fresh concept.

Oh My Girl (오마이걸) Liar Liar - The Top & Trouser Edit

Oh My Girl (오마이걸) Liar Liar - The Top & Trouser Edit

Let's start with the top and trouser edit! This look will take zero effort to pull off because all you need is a striped top and some great fitting jeans. Alternatively, you can style your tee with casual dungarees for an even more effortless look whilst still keeping that fresh and simple vibe.

Oh My Girl (오마이걸) Liar Liar  - The Top & Skirt Edit

If you'd prefer the top and skirt outfits that Oh My Girl wore then it's possibly even simpler! With a high waisted skirt you could wear any kind of top. To work this look, tuck in a top, jumper or shirt to your skirt and you've done it. I love the blue Pure Cotton Frill Striped Blouse from Marks and Spencer's that I've included in the picture above and one of the girls wears a similar one in the video.

Something's to keep in mind are: 
1. Don't make your outfit bold. You want to either have a pale coloured skirt or top at least, don't have a deep blue skirt with a bold red top - that's not the point of this look.
2. Keep it simple. It seriously is just a top and skirt or trouser matter, only add one piece of jewellery and wear skin coloured tights. 

Do you love this look as much as I do? Let me know!