Friday, 22 August 2014

Pick of the Month: Olivia Burton Wonderland Dusty Pink and Gold Watch

Olivia Burton London - Wonderland Dusty Pink and Gold Watch - £65.00

I have become a bit obsessed with watches these days especially Olivia Burton's and other watches that have a vintage style which has a down side as many are quite expensive so I haven't actually been able to get one yet.

I especially love this one because it is quite simple and plain with the vintage style and a delicate look. It would also be a great item to add to an outfit that is quite similar to it's style or even just to show off once in a while.

Out of Olivia Burton's range, this is one of the more cheaper watches and others can go up to over £100 but comparing this to many other brands, it isn't too bad especially this one which is £65.00.

- Zin x