Thursday, 31 March 2016

Oh My Girl (오마이걸) Liar Liar MV : Outfit Inspiration

Oh My Girl have a new song called 'Liar Liar' and, like any fashion concious being, the outfits the girls wore really caught my eye. I loved the outfits from the teaser pictures and the music video (which has great aesthetics can I say?). In the MV they mostly wore tops and skirts but I can't lie that loved the top and trouser outfits that were in the teaser images too. Here is some inspired outfits from the cute and fresh concept.

Oh My Girl (오마이걸) Liar Liar - The Top & Trouser Edit

Oh My Girl (오마이걸) Liar Liar - The Top & Trouser Edit

Let's start with the top and trouser edit! This look will take zero effort to pull off because all you need is a striped top and some great fitting jeans. Alternatively, you can style your tee with casual dungarees for an even more effortless look whilst still keeping that fresh and simple vibe.

Oh My Girl (오마이걸) Liar Liar  - The Top & Skirt Edit

If you'd prefer the top and skirt outfits that Oh My Girl wore then it's possibly even simpler! With a high waisted skirt you could wear any kind of top. To work this look, tuck in a top, jumper or shirt to your skirt and you've done it. I love the blue Pure Cotton Frill Striped Blouse from Marks and Spencer's that I've included in the picture above and one of the girls wears a similar one in the video.

Something's to keep in mind are: 
1. Don't make your outfit bold. You want to either have a pale coloured skirt or top at least, don't have a deep blue skirt with a bold red top - that's not the point of this look.
2. Keep it simple. It seriously is just a top and skirt or trouser matter, only add one piece of jewellery and wear skin coloured tights. 

Do you love this look as much as I do? Let me know!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spring into Action | 6 Ways to Be More Productive This Easter

With the mornings getting lighter and the sun making more appearances in our skies, spring isn't just a time to enjoy chocolate. I don't know about you but I always find myself feeling more motivated to do things at this time of the year although I never know how I can do this. 

If you're like this or want be more productive this Easter weekend then I have some tips to help with just that.

Spring Clean Your Stuff

Sometimes, simply going through cupboards and drawers to sort out your possessions can make you feel like you've accomplished something. Go through what you want to keep and what you don't. For the things you don't want you can give to a charity shop or sell online.

Embrace the Earlier Mornings

Waking up in daylight completely shook me the other day and I thought I had slept in until I realise it was my alarm that had woken me up. During the winter, I would spend an hour laid in bed after I woke up but now it's hard to stay in for 20 minutes (I'm not able to jump straight out of bed the second I wake up just yet...). It feels like the day is starting earlier when the sun rises at the early hour of 6am so take the opportunity to start your day earlier.

Do Exercise 

Exercising for 20 minutes to start your day is said to make you feel more energetic and motivated for the rest of the day than without. With warmer and brighter mornings, take the opportunity to go for a quick 20 minute run in the fresh air.

Eat More Fruit

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you eat fruit. Even if the rest of your life is spiralling out of control, I think eating a banana or an apple makes me feel like I have got my life together. Nonetheless, fruit has so much more healthy nutrients that other 'healthy' snacks can't give you. So go ahead and swap a chocolate bar for an orange! (Easier said than done.)

Spring Clean Your Life

Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in a day to do everything you want to do, or even need to? Recently, I realised I was spending way too much time on social media so I gave them all up (apart from Twitter and Tumblr because I use them the least). You can do this by making a note of what you have done in a day and how much time you spent doing it.

I did a similar thing in a previous post to help you eat the right things. Once you have made the list, notice what changes you could make to your lifestyle e.g only go on Facebook for that spare 5 minutes you'll have at breakfast or spend 20 minutes after tea going through your notes from your lessons. These little changes have made me feel like I'm achieving a lot more in a day than I used to.

Organise Your Work

In England, the Easter holidays is one of the last chances we get to revise for exams. Thankfully, I'm doing a diploma at college so I don't have exams but I do have coursework and I know I will need to organise when I'm doing that work so I can also have time to do other things I want to do.

Make a quick timetable of what day and how long you are going to spend doing each piece of work. I think that even just doing this makes you feel much more productive and motivated to do work and revision than without doing so.

Do you have any other ways that you make yourself motivated?
Have a happy Easter!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Lee Hi - Seoulite : Half Album Review

Lee Hi is back after what feel like forever and she's brought an incredible album that I've had on repeat non stop. In my opinion, all of these songs are better than anything she has released before (although 'It's Over' was a good tune) and it's no surprise with it being produced by Tablo, DJ Tukutz and herself. Here's my review:

1. World Tour (비행) (Feat. MINO of WINNER)

What a perfect song! I've been really into easy listening songs lately but they still need a bit of excitement and variety in them or the song can get boring very quickly so MINO's rapping was a cherry on top for me. Easy and flowing melodies from the chorus and the 'don't think about it' part at the end has me humming this song whenever I'm not listening to it.

2. Hold My Hand (손잡아 줘요)

Another easy and relaxing song with jazzy vibes, especially with Hi's voice being a little raspy. This is fun and uplifting which matches perfect with it's vintage style. I love the harmonies that play a good part in conveying those old school vibes. This is probably my favourite song on the album.

3. Breathe (한숨)

This is where the album takes a turn from being bouncy and light hearted, though the lyrics are still uplifting and sweet. This ballad seems to be either a hit or a miss with most people and I'm still undecided. Written by SHINee's Jonghyun, the pitch of the chorus makes me feel a bit uneasy and I'm not so sure that Hi should be singing it because it doesn't suit her voice. Other than that, I must say I will probably listen to this song the least because it's a ballad that could have a bit more to it for more emotion to come out.

4. Official (Feat. Incredivle)

We've fully come out of the bouncy and smiley songs and we're into the hip hop now, as expected on a YG artist's albumIt starts off with what I thought was going to be a much lighter sound but then it slows and goes into a heavier beat. I love Incredivle's rap and I think it adds that extra something to the track making it an instant favourite for me.

5. Fxxk Wit Us (Feat. Dok2)

Lee Hi says the F word too obviously and too much for me to play this song out loud when my family is at home but that hasn't stopped me.... Hi is great at having a cocky but cool sound in her voice which I think is conveyed perfectly throughout the whole song. It's a great addition to the feeling of the song too as if she knows that no one can fxxk wit her and her man.

I give Seoulite 5/5. Recently, I have felt like there hasn't been many songs that I really love and that I would play continuously but this album has broken the trend because it has (almost) everything that I could ask for in an album. From light hearted cute songs that aren't babyish to the more fierce hip hop songs that don't try too hard. Well done Lee Hi, Tablo and DJ Tukutz.

What do you think of Lee Hi's album? Do you agree on my review of the songs?

I adore this album artwork, too!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Clean And Clear Advanced Treatment Gel : Fast Action Spot Care Review

Who else rushes to the nearest supermarket and buys the best looking solution when their face breaks out for the first time in 4 years? I don't believe that I'm the only one who makes this mistake and because of that I am writing a not-so positive review of a beauty product for the first time on my blog.

The said product is the Clean and Clear Advanced Treatment Gel

First Thoughts

When I first applied this to my big and red breakout spots the redness had reduced slightly about 12 hours after. It did also dry them out a bit so I was in a good mood and looked forward to cleaner and clearer skin after a few days.

The gel is a clear-ish gel that is slightly white in colour (see below picture). Once you put it on your spots you have to wait a minute or so for it to dry. It says that you can apply this underneath and on top of make-up but it creates a type of skin and can rub off which isn't something I like.

The Outcome

With continual use over 5 days, my spots didn't change, yet alone clear up. I stopped using this and my spots slowly calmed down more so.

Final Comment

Whilst it seemed like this fast action spot care was going to save my face from my sudden breakout when I first used it, the affects didn't last long enough for my spots to clear up. 

Like with any product, this product could work the way it's supposed to with you but unfortunately for me it didn't. Thankfully, Clean and Clear products are not very pricey and I'll probably let my family members try it out on their spots.

Overall, the gel is not a consistency that I am favourable of either so if this had worked for me, I probably wouldn't have bought it again.

Have you ever been in my position and bought a product to care for your spots but it didn't work? Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Ariana Grande for Lipsy Favourites

Ariana super-talented-and-all-around-cutie Grande has released a clothing and jewellery line with Lipsy and I'm loving it so here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection.

This one is probably my favourite! I love the delicate rose pink with the elegant roses which is brought together with a graceful floaty design.

Though this is called a prom dress, I think this would be great for any type of party - even a casual one - if you team it with the right shoes and a light jacket.

I included these two items together because they work so well together. I would definitely splash out on buying both for a formal event because both items would also work great for everyday outfits too.

I'm not the type to go for bodycon dresses but I would definitely wear this. It's not dramatic like most bodycons usually are and would be perfect to wear on a spring day outing too.

To me, the stereotypical prom dress is always so extravagant so I love this simple but gorgeous dress for those who would prefer to be less bold but still catch their dream prom date's eye.

Ariana also has jewellery included in her collection, all of which would go perfectly with her clothing items. This two pack  is so cute and is at a reasonable price too if you want to buy something from the line but don't need or want to buy a dress.

This bangle set has certainly been described in the perfect way because they are so pretty, especially together.

What do you think of Ariana Grande's line? Would you add anything else to your list of favourites? I know I would because the whole line has been designed so outstandingly well.

You can view the whole collection on Lipsy's website here.