Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pick of The Month: Topshop Mini Tara Holdall

Mini Tara Holdall - £38.00

These type of bags have been popular for a long while now but I have just recently been a bit obsessed with them. Although I haven't actually bought one yet (mostly because the ones I like are out of my price range along with this one) I hope to buy one soon.

This one from Topshop is probably my favourite at the moment, the colour is not really bold and it is light so it can go with pretty much any outfit.

The design is what I love the most about these bags and also normally have quite a bit of room in them so if you wanted you could use it as a work bag, a school bag or even a travelling bag. I like how the strap that you can put over your shoulder also goes well with the design as sometimes bags which have both handle and straps can look a bit out of place.

- Zin x