Monday, 18 August 2014

Secret - I'm In Love MV Inspired Oufits

Secret finally have comeback with a sexy comeback!! They have 2 concepts however within it, innocent and pure concept with almost completely white outfits and a dark and sexy concept wearing black outfits. I have done a few outfit ideas inspired by the 2 concepts.

White (click HERE to go to my Polyvore to see where you can buy the items from)

These outfits are quite plain to make the focus of the outfit on the white. The gold (or silver if you wanted) compliments the white well and adds more purity to the white outfits. Sunhwa wears an ear cuff at one point to add more creativity to the originally plain look.

The main point is to metaphorically show that you are innocent and pure through the fact that white is usually used to show it. Because the outfits are plain it puts all the attention onto that.

Black (Click HERE to go to my Polyvore to see where you can buy the items from)

These outfits have lace to make them more dark, sexy and also a mysterious and mischievous feel to the outfit. To make it even more dark and a bit gothic, Hyosung wears a choker necklace in one outfit so I have included one in this set.

The main point of this concept is obviously to be sexy and dark but that is helped not only by the colour but the clothing is tight-fitting and sometimes more revealing, but as you can see in the picture of Jieun above, it doesn't have to be revealing at all to create the concept.


Some outfits that I have used in the photo sets are designer brands and/or are very expensive but these are basically just examples and inspiration from them outfits so if you were to try these outfits it may be best to look for something cheaper.

- Zin x