Saturday, 30 August 2014

August 2014 Favourites

1. Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions by Skin79  (BB Cream)

My first favourite is Super Plus BB Cream. I have actually been using this for almost a year now but just recently I have properly noticed amazing it really it. Not only is it triple functioned with SPF25, wrinkle improvement and whitening (evening the skin tone), it's coverage is really incredible to me and it also helps my spots to heal as well as covering them. I am going to do a proper review in a few days so keep an eye out!

2. Lip Scrubs and Lip Balm

These two favourites are actually home made from a local shop near where I live but Lush is a shop that does really good lips scrubs and obviously there are many shops with good lip balms too. I especially like these two because they have a really nice smell and taste as well as working really well as lips can become dry in summer heat.

3.How It Works

It feels a bit strange putting this along with the other favourites but I recently bought this issue because I have been feeling kind of empty without learning things because it's the summer holidays but this booklet, which focuses on a different subject each month, is really informative and is really easy to look at because it has small paragraphs and easy facts along with illustrations.

4. Neutrogena Norwegian Formila Concentrated Hand Cream 

I recently went through a phase of having really painful dry skin on my hands and within 2 days my hands were pretty much normal again. Sometimes when they get dry again I put only a very small dab on my hand and it's completely fine again. A warning however is not to put too much on because even a small amount gives a bit of a greasy feeling so too much is really very greasy.

- Zin x