Sunday, 31 August 2014

Back to School: Being Organised #3

As I said in my previous post, this post is about how to be organised for school and a lot of my tips will be about getting homework, or coursework, done when you get it so it is over and done with.

1. In pretty much every subject, take important notes as the teacher talks about something and look at them often, even if you're the only one it will help you to revise better in the future. When I say often it could be perhaps once every few weeks or so just to help keep the knowledge in your head and then for exams or a test you may not need to revise it because you already know it.

2. Although it is hard, do homework when you get it. A few ways to help you get homework done are:

  • If you get homework in the morning, you could do some of it, or read through what it is you need to do at lunchtime. When you get home you will either just need to finish it off or know how to do it.
  • When making your journey home, plan what you will do when you get home or if you get a bus or a car, you could also do homework there.
  • Doing homework you get that day on the same afternoon after school means that later in the evening you can rest or do whatever you want without thinking about having to do more work. If you have homework or coursework that will take weeks or so, doing some each day as soon as you're assigned it  will slowly release the work load.
3. Before the end of the day on the last day of the weekend, make sure everything is ready for school the following day so you can allow yourself to not have it in the back of your mind and you can think freely for the rest of the day. 

4. If the homework you are given requires not a lot of time then get it over and done with so you can think about the more important or longer work you may have to do or so you can relax. With the work that is longer such as coursework then either make a mental schedule or actually draw a schedule out on when you are going the do that work and for how long. You could also do this for normal homework if you want to.

Hope this is helpful
- Zin x