Thursday, 9 June 2016

Luna - Free Somebody MV Outfit

Luna - Free Somebody MV Outfit

Luna - Free Somebody MV Outfit by zin-s 

Luna has released her first solo album with the title track 'Free Somebody' and I cannot stop listening to it!  Everybody loves a good feel good pop song and that's exactly what it is. However, I am not reviewing the song in this post, but the outfit and how to achieve the same look without spending £225 on that DHL t-shirt.

Firstly, because the main feature of this outfit is the bright and bold statement t-shirt you want to find something similar. This doesn't have to have anything on it at all but the point of this outfit is centred around some sort of logo or symbol at least. 

To keep with the simplicity, the rest of the outfit is very easy to achieve. Team your top with some black shorts (I think Luna actually wears running shorts but denim is fine) and some block heels. This outfit has taken different elements of 80's fashion but brought them up to date with the current trends. 

Finally, put in your daring dangling earrings, some pretty pink lipstick and flattering false eyelashes and you're ready to go out and free somebody. 

I absolutely adore this look, do you?