Saturday, 22 November 2014

Favourite Winter 2014 Trends

Favourite Winter 2014 Trends

To celebrate the upcoming holidays and this seasons new trends I have picked a few of my favourites that have really caught my eye.

1. First of all the classic Christmas jumper. This started to become a trend in the winter a few years ago but it always fades out after Christmas time even when it's still cold but thankfully it's an acceptable time now to start wearing them again!

The one that features above is one that I have had my eye on for a while but I haven't gotten round to buying it. I absolutely love it because the design of it is really adorable and it looks very cosy too.

2. Oversized blazers are my next favourite. My favourite part of this trend is that they go well with so much and is perfect to make an outfit stylish.

3. Leather coats with fabric look really stylish and perfect to add to a casual outfit to make it look edgier. The one above looks very christmassy especially because of the red and because it is quite dark, like a lot of fashions are at this time of year.

4. Of course I couldn't miss out socks but especially because socks have become an important part of fashion for over a year now. I love Christmas patterns and designs on Christmas clothing so it's obvious that I am adoring this trend.

5. Finally, one of my very favourite trends that started to arrive last year but only this year has it become a very prominent trend; oversized scarves. Last year when I was wearing a large scarf people asked me why I didn't get a smaller one, but this year those people are also wearing them.

Because the fashion this year is to have it loose around your neck (like the scarf above shows) it means that your neck has to be a little chillier for fashion's sake, but that doesn't matter to me much.

-Zin x

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Pick of the Month: Accessorize Bags

For this months pick of the month I tried to pick a bag from Accessorize but there were too many that I loved and that I couldn't chose from so I have picked 5 of my favourites.

1. Double Zip Bowler - £32

This bag is similar to 2 others that I have put on this list but this one has 2 compartments inside and would be perfect for a long day out, work or school and there is currently a review on the website about this bag saying that it is great because it's not bulky but obviously can hold a lot.

I also really like this colour but it doesn't come in other colours if you would prefer another colour.

2. Mini Kingston Satchel - £19

In contrast to the Double Zip Bowler above, this bag is really tiny but would be perfect if all you needed was a purse and your phone or a few other small items. I have always wanted a satchel with this design although I think they are not as popular any more but they're still a great compliment to casual outfits.

3. Melissa Winged Handheld Bag - £32

This comes in pink (above), navy and black and I really love this design. It has been catching my eye each time I go into Accessorize but my clothing style doesn't really go with the vintage style of this bag or others similar but I have seen these bags being able to go with loads of outfits.

Like the Double Zip Bowler, it is said to also hold a lot but not be very bulky.

4. College Backpack - £37

This is one of my favourites and I'm really considering buying it for school as it would be perfect for books and would go well with many outfits (at my sixth form we can wear normal clothes). I am slightly hesitant of buying though because some reviews have said that it breaks easily whilst others say that it's worth the money.

I got this for my birthday and so far I am very satisfied with it. Nothing has broken and I am carrying about 4-5 text books along with 2 bottles of water, my lunch and other school supplies, although I am a bit worried that it might break soon but it still looks very sturdy and strong.

5. Verity Metal Bar Tote Bag - £45

This comes in grey (above), black and berry and also is said to have a large amount of space. It has a really pretty design with the pocket at the front and when it is in the berry colour it looks very classy especially with the gold.

This one also received reviews that the metal bits fell off easily but then others that said it lasted a long time so if I was to get this I would be a bit sceptical.

-Zin x