Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My Top 10 Beauty Products of 2015

Is it the end of another year again already? To be honest, a lot has changed for me since January and I've been very busy so at the same time 2015 feels like the end has been long awaited. Whilst I'm not ready just yet to let go of 2015, I'm also excited to start a new year and see what life will bring to me. I'm hoping it will bring me some new straighteners, actually.

Nevertheless, I have decided to bring my top 10 beauty products of 2015! Some things have been long time favourites, others are newbies and some have saved me from self-hatred.

Without further ado and in no particular order, our 1st beauty product is .....

Oxg : Anti-breakage Keratin Oil Range (1) (2) (3) £6.99-7.35

We are starting of the list with a product I've never mentioned on my blog before because it is a new favourite! And let me tell you, Oxg may be a new brand for me to try but it is on this list for a reason.

I have had trouble with my hair since my exams finished in June, earlier this year because of all the stress they gave me. Seeing my hair as thin as it was and clogged plug holes blocked with weak, dark blonde strands of hair made me even more stressed. I tried a lot of different hair care products with one eye on my purse and finally found these God-sent wonders.

This is the second time I have bought these products and within a few days my hair felt stronger and was far from falling out. Next thing for my hair is for it to get thicker again.

Skin79 : Superplus Beblish Balm

I thought I better put this friend in my favourites because I may well be saying goodbye to it. I cannot find anywhere online that sells this anymore other than Amazon (and I don't trust the sellers on there to be selling the real thing). If you know where you can buy this then please let me know!

This year, Superplus BB Cream has never not been on my face, apart from when I'm sleeping. I have linked my review underneath the picture if you want to read more about my friendship with this super loyal beauty product. In short, it evens your skin tone, has my ideal consistency and is kind to skin.

Maybelline : Baby Lips Electro Pink Shock - £2.99

We all go into the shop planning to buy one particular thing then leave with again without even touching what we went in to buy. That's the story on how I bought this. I loved the Electro 'Oh Orange' but mine was running out, so I rushed straight to the make-up section as soon as I got the chance to go shopping and saw 'Pink Shock' and bought it. I didn't even glance at 'Oh Orange'.

If you know me then you would have only ever seen me wear this since about April as well as see me apply this to re-moisturise my lips after my lunch. Thank you Baby Lips, you never fail me.

Banila co. : Clean it Zero - £15.00

THIS PRODUCT IS A LIFE SAVER! Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a tad but I genuinely feel lost without this product in my life at this moment. It is a cleansing balm and you can read my review on the link under the picture.

My heart sometimes sinks when it comes to my make-up removing routine. The wiping of the face, the annoying scratching on my eyelid with a make-up wipe to get rid of my eyeliner, then the cleansing and the washing of the face UGH. It is the worst part of my day sometimes. This holy grail would take all my make-up off and cleanse at the same time. That's it. Done.

Quick Fix Facials : Exfoliating Scrub Mask Blackheads and Blocked Pores - £4.99

This is another product that saved me in one of my darkest times. It let my pores breathe a sigh of release once every few days - and still does.

I rarely get spots any more (lucky me, I know) but I do get clogged pores that I can only see when I inspect every millimetre of my face for 15 minutes in front of a mirror. Then I can see them when I see a reflection of myself in a shop window 10 feet away from me. Not good. Something had to be done. And this is what saved me. I can see inside every pore on my face now. Almost....

Simple : Kind to Skin Foaming Cleanser - £4.49

This cleanser is simpley the best. *wink wink* I have mentioned before how this is my everyday cleanser and it's great. I must have bought this 4 times now since I first started using it. Though I said what a drain it is to remove my make-up and then cleanse, I know that this is going to clean all the make-up out of the little crooks and crannies on my face. Because you do know that a make-up wipe doesn't remove all of the gunk on your face, right?

The Body Shop : Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist - £8.50

This fragrance isn't one of my all time favourites but it is one that I use often and it great for an everyday scent (more in my the post that is in the link above). Not only is it a very pretty and not too fancy, this is not your widely popular fragrance that your Dad bought you for Christmas that every female in your village has, oh no.

I would recommend buying a fragrance from The Body Shop, maybe even this one, if you want a casual everyday scent that not everyone has smelt on everyone else already.

Soap & Glory : The Scrub of Your Life - £7.00

Don't we all hate that dry patch in that really awkward place and moisturising whenever we can remember just doesn't help it? Well my awkward dry patches have gone and even my dry and cracked heels on my feet have started benefiting thanks to The Scrub of Your Life!

I don't know if this is meant for feet but it has certainly helped them to start healing. Plus it has a wonderful scent of Soap & Glory's 'Original Pink' fragrance, which is fruity, flowery and a teeny bit musky. Perfect for that love-yourself feeling in the shower.

Well that's the end of the show folks! Let's wish that the new year brings many more new beauty products that I will fall in love with, a pair of new straighteners and happiness. Happy new year!
- Zin

Friday, 18 December 2015

Egg Free Apple & Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Chirstmas is coming! In less than two weeks the days of fighting shoppers for the last gift will be over. As will waking up to another chocolate on the advent calendar (I don't care that I'm 18, mine is Star Wars themed!!) and all the preparation for five relatives to stay for a few days will be over too. I'm not going to lie - the lead up to Christmas is my favourite pat of the season which is why I get carried away in the atmosphere and forget to actually buy presents....

So I like to make people cookies!

And what's better is that people throw their diets out the window at Christmas BUT with these cookies you could try and pull them off as 'healthy'. They are egg free and use apple instead. This creation came about because my tree has given us 100+ apples and they have to be used up somehow.

The best thing about the cookies being egg free is that you can give them to someone you don't know very well, as long as you know they will like cookies. This is because they are friendly for vegetarians and anyone who is allergic to egg (I happen to have 2 friends who are both allergic).

You simply cannot go wrong with these especially because the recipe is super simple to follow, you can easily double/half the recipe to make the right amount, they are incredible scrumptious AND you don't miss out because you get to lick the bowl because there is no egg!!!!

The Recipe:

For 6 cookies
Butter - 50g
Brown Sugar - 25g
Granulated Sugar - 50g (Or 75g instead of the 25g of brown sugar)
Apple - 1
Water - 1 tbsp
Bicarbonate of Soda - 1/4 tsp
Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp
Cinnamon - 1 tsp
Mixed Spice - 1sp (to make the cookies even more Christmassy but it can be missed out)
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Flour - 125g
Chocolate chips - 100g

The Method:

1. Heat oven to 180°C (fan oven). Peel the apple then chop it into roughly 1cm cubes, without the core of course. Place in a bowl with the water then put in the microwave for 2 minutes 30 seconds.

2. Cream together the butter and sugar using a spoon until it is lighter and fluffier.

3. Add the apple, vanilla extract, cinnamon, mixed spice, bicarbonate of soda and salt and mix together until it is all well combined.

4. Pour in the flour and fold it into the mixture until it is just combined. If you are doubling this recipe, it might be a good idea to add it a bit at a time, mix it, then add a bit more.

5. Add your chocolate chips, fold them in until they are evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

6. I like to use 2 tablespoons to form a squashed ball shape before putting my cookies on a parchment-lined baking tray. Alternatively, you can oil/butter some foil and use teaspoons for smaller cookies, an ice cream scoop or your own hands to roll the batter into evenly sized balls.

7. Bake lager cookies for 15-22 minutes, the earlier you bring them out, the chewier they'll be and the longer you leave them in, the firmer/crunchier they'll be. Smaller cookies will only need 10 minutes to be chewy.

8. A good tip is to use the back of a tablespoon or glass to flatten the cookies 2 or 3 minutes before you take them out of the oven - otherwise you'll have scone-looking cookies, which is fine if that's what you want but you would have probably found this recipe because you want cookies.

9. Though it is tempting - LEAVE THE COOKIES TO COOL! Firstly, leave them on the hot baking tray for a few minutes, then transfer them to a wire rack. You could always eat them when they are still warm but I think their best texture is when they have cooled.

Enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!!
- Zin

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette : Perfume Review

"Happy and youthful" is how Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette is described to be and I would very much agree. I have had the gift set, which includes the perfume, body lotion and shower gel, for a month now so I thought I would review this more mainstream Marc Jacobs fragrance.

The Scent

Fresh, floral and a favourite, to me this is what a garden in a dream would smell like (a bit ironic as Marc Jacobs also has a perfume called 'Daisy Dream'). Gardens in real life smell more of greenery and earth than flowers, well that's my experience of gardens anyway. If I was to step into a garden in a dream, it would smell much more of flowers and subtle sweet air, which is how Daisy smells.

It smells flowery with only a hint of greenness and fruity with a draft of musky sweetness. Combine all these elements together and you have an ideal scent pulled straight from The Secret Garden book.

The lotion and shower gel also smell the same, though the gel is a bit more subtle and the lotion is a tad heavier.

The Effect

After a few sprays in the morning, I can smell the meadow that I become basked in. But I don't really smell it as the day goes on, but other people who stand near me sometimes comment on it.

I kind of like that. It's nice for people to compliment you on your scent when you can't smell it when they tell you that it's your perfume. However, it does make me feel a bit concious of my scent when I'm not wearing it... that's a different matter, though.

Daisy is a popular perfume that even my auntie wears so people are bound to have smelled it before. Therefore, if you want a unique, signature scent then this one is not for you.

Though body chemistry is said to make perfume smell different on everybody, people have said that they knew it was Daisy they smelled on me before I told them.

Do You Want It?

If you're looking for a day perfume that is fresh, feminine and fun then this is great! Keep in mind that it is popular and doesn't stand out as being unique because if you are looking for the opposite then this might not be the choice for you.

You can buy the gift set from Boots for £54 (here)

- Zin

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Outfit Ideas Diary - Oversized Winter Sweater

Outfit Ideas Diary - Oversized Winter Sweater

Whenever I buy an item of clothing that is in trend I get so excited that I don't
think about what I would wear with it, so here is my solution! A deep red
oversized winter sweater is perfect for this winter and so I have put together a
few ideas on what to wear with it.

Firstly, the sweater doesn't have to be deep red. Just to set that straight. Okay,
back to the outfit.

Sweaters can look good on their own (by that I mean without an obvious shirt
underneath) but I think that a collared shirt is perfect for making an outfit
smasual (smart/casual). I also think that this theme is great for this time of year
when there are more formal occasions. I wouldn't wear this to a Christmas party,
mind you.

Not only would a collar be a formal twist on an oversized sweater but also a skirt.
There are two ways that you could possibly style a sweater with a skirt and that is;

  1. Tuck the front of the jumper into the skirt
  2. Leave it un-tucked
Finally, the jeans are here so we don't have to keep to the smasual look! I think
that lighter jeans, like the one in the image, are the best for a relaxed and laid
back outfit but black is what you would go for if you did want to be a bit smarter.

And for shoes.... there are two smarter choices in my pick but the red boots
don't have to be heeled but still of the same Timberland-style boots. Black heels
with this outfit would be the smartest choice and the black sneakers are the casual
and relaxed choice.

I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for your winter outfits!
- Zin

Friday, 30 October 2015

Double Skin Care Review | Quick Fix Facials & No 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

Happy Autumn, everyone! Sorry for being very inactive recently as college and other commitments are taking up any spare time that I might have. Anyway, enough about me and my suddenly hectic life and more about the 2 products that I'm going to be reviewing today!!

I decided to review both products because I have been using them at the same time (not literally at the same time, but I'll use one every few days then the other and so on) and I thought that anything that I have noticed from one of these products could actually be an outcome from the other product. I hope that makes sense because it took me a few minutes to think of how to say that in the most understandable way possible...

Quick Fix Facials Exfoliating Scrub - Blackheads and Blocked Pores : £2.49 

One of the best methods to clean and clear skin is to try make your skin clean and clear. A make-up wipe does not get off all your make-up and you need to cleanse with warm water to really get rid of all that cake! Every so often I think it is also important to go one step further in cleaning out your pores which is why I picked this up in the first place!

This scrub is a very delicate rose pink colour, which is actually one of my favourite colours at the moment, and the smell matches the colour. As funny as it sounds, it smells pretty! It's made with pomegranate extract which will be why this smells so nice.

It's simple to use, just apply to wet skin and gently massage it around your face - whilst paying attention to problem areas. Leave for 5-10 minutes then remove with warm water.

As with any scrub - don't rub viciously!  I can rip your skin and cause it more damage than good. That is also why you should use a scrub every so often.

Back to the product. It feels very delicate on my skin but also feels like it is clearing out my pores which is how a scrub really should feel. It doesn't set like you would expect a mask to but you can feel that it dries up and therefore it doesn't actually take ages to rinse off your face like some masks do.

Afterwards, my face always feels refreshed and CLEAN!! Even after the first time I used it my pores were definitely less clogged and frequent use means that my pores can breathe much more clearly with each use.

Now, my skin has it's dry patches and frequent use of scrubs can make your skin become drier so it is important to always moisturise whilst using a scrub often. Because I had also bought No 7's Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask at around the same time I thought I would use them along side one another.

No 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask : £12.50

So as I mentioned in a previous post, this was an impulse buy but I'm so glad that I did because this has been great for combating the early winter wind drying up my skin.

Firstly, I love the smell and texture of this thing! It's a bit like sun cream, and I know what you're thinking - sun cream is NOT something that is desirable to smell or feel. But don't judge just yet because, although I have never experienced sun cream in a really positive way, it is as though I am dealing with a very high quality sun cream that I want to put on.

Enough talk about it being like sun cream though because that is not what this is...

The smell is very delicate and, again, I would describe it by saying pretty (and let's not forget that hint of sun cream). And as for the texture, it is semi-velvety. By this I mean it has a deep yet soft feel but it is still very light and a little thin.

I love the feeling of putting this on my skin because of the texture and sometimes I can get a bit carried away and I'm stood massaging this into my skin for a good 3 minutes. All you do is massage it onto your previously-cleansed and dried skin, possibly focus a bit more in areas where your skin may need it more than others, and leave it for 5-10 minutes.

Again, this mask doesn't necessarily dry but you know when you should take it off - rinse or wipe off in this case actually. It goes translucent but keeps its texture, basically.

I have tried to wash this off and I don't really like the experience so I prefer to just kept some kitchen towel and wipe it off (it's a lot better and more hygienic than using a towel in my opinion). The moisture is still left over so there is no need to moisturise after using this mask which is one of my favourite things about it!

I would really recommend using this product even if you don't have dry skin, because the winter wind can bring out those dry patches and this is a great mask to soothe those areas and have them more moisturised! If you have very dry skin then this would be great for your skin and I definitely feel a difference after I have used it.

That's all folks!
- Zin x

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Shopping Haul | End of Summer into Autumn

So who else is trying their hardest to hold onto summer even though we're only a few days away from October? It's pointless really but I even changed into shorts and had an ice cream in the sun that lasted for half an hour the other. I supposed I'm just really bad at letting go of things I love.... which sounds very very sad.

Anyway, I have been shopping a few times in the past month and picked up a few things that I should have bought mid-summer rather than beginning of autumn but, well, what can you do? So here is my end of summer into autumn haul!

First stop, The Body Shop.

I usually only go into The Body Shop if it's for a friend/family member's birthday or Christmas and I have never bought anything for myself in there before, yet there I was 10 minutes after entering the shop buying 2 products.

Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap
Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist

This soap is one of my favourite things at the moment. It had a strong but subtle scent of green tea as you could definitely smell it but it was quite gentle, which is something I notice when I buy soap.

I really hate being able to smell something 40 minutes after I wash my hands especially when my hands aren't anywhere near my nose. But with this I can only smell it when I smell my hands and it's a nice smell. Bonus: my hands get dry very easily but since I started using this soap they have not got dry once!

The smell of the fragrance is also a favourite right now. I reckon that if the sky on an early summer sunset had a scent it would be this! It's weird to say this but it smells pretty. I know, it's strange how I would describe it that way but it's true.

Original Fruity Flapjack

Next I popped into Boots to pick up one thing (it turned out to be four things but we'll get to that bit later) and the food section started to scream at me - literally. OK, maybe it didn't but it felt like it was. Anyway, I have tried Graze a few times before online and I love their snacks and I was so glad they sold this because this is a real winner with me.

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Body Lotion
No 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask for Dry/Very Dry Skin
Baby Lips - Pink Shock

On to the rest of what I got from Boots. A very good body lotion for the dry skin on my arms, legs and feet was needed and Vaseline is notorious for helping dry skin plus this one had a nice scent that was not too powerful.

The No 7 mask was an impulse buy. I had just enough money left to buy it so I did. But I do not regret it! So far it has been really hydrating to my skin and I am going to do a proper review on it at some point.

And finally, a second purchase of Pink Shock. I love Baby Lips, as I have probably mentioned in previous posts, and this colour is perfect. I used to always go back to buy a Baby Lips that I had just finished but I would always get a different shade, but this time I have actually re-bought a colour that I already have.

Aaand last but not least (indeed - these were quite pricey!). I have been wanting some circular sunglasses for well over a year now but I have never been able to find any until I walked into Topshop!

Thankfully there are still days where there's not a cloud in the sky and I can whip these out and look the pinnacle of fashion no matter what I'm wearing. Unfortunately, I think Topshop are no longer selling these particular ones but there are some similar.

Phew! I feel quite puffed out after this post and I certainly did after buying these products. Now I just need a job to get some more money.....

Anyway, until next time goodybye!
- Zin

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Red Velvet - The Red : Album Review

How long has it been since I have done an album review? Too long for me to leave it any longer that's for sure!! And because I have been really loving Red Velvet's 1st Album, The Red, I thought I would review it.

1. Dumb Dumb

The title song! Probably my favourite song they've done, it's got such a good tune in the chorus and the repetitive 'dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb' that makes the song really fun also makes the song so addictive.

Even though the rap parts really do not show good rapping and there is no part that has incredible vocals, sometimes songs don't need them to deliver what the producers or artists want to and the song works great with what is has. I will most likely be listening to this for the next week none stops.

2. Huff n Puff

Again, another really good tune that's really fun which is common for Red Velvet and I can't help but feel like this song, along with the concept as dolls, is a bit Christmassy. Am I the only one getting that vibe? Like I know it's the next major holiday after halloween but maybe the beginning of September is a bit soon for Christmas vibes, you know?

Anyway, back to the song. The electronic and hip hop beat is quite odd but because it works so well (for me, anyway) it really makes this song as lovable as it is.

3. Campfire

Campfire has a mellow-er feel but is still upbeat. If I'm honest, I would have made this song a lot more mellow and laid back if I was the producer for this song. Don't get me wrong - I love it the way it is but because it is a song about being at a campfire and the surroundings with feelings of love and I don't think the song works well with the lyrics and feelings that it's trying to portray. As someone who studies music and wants to be a music producer, I feel very strongly about these types of things so ... please excuse me....

4. Red Dress

The verses of this song have really got it going for them! They are killing it! The chorus, however, is a different story. It's OK but it doesn't really compare to the verses which are so lively, upbeat and full of expression. If I'm honest it is a bit boring and I remember feeling a bit disappointed when I first heard it because it was a bit like an anti climax really.

5. Oh Boy

This is a song that I think will grow on me. I listen to it and I know it's good because I can hear the beat and the vocals enveloping around me and make me feel good but it doesn't stand out as much as other songs do on this album.

6. Lady's Room

Now please don't hate me for what I'm about to say. This entire review is my opinion and I would respect you if you said that 'Dumb Dumb' or 'Huff n Puff' were not taking your fancy. Lady's Room really has nothing to it and I don't really see a point in it. Because of this it reminded me a bit of Girls' Generation's 'Party' as it felt like it was just created because they needed a song. Sorry .....

7. Time Slip

Opposite to Red Dress, I really love the chorus but the verses are not so good, however parts of them are. This is because the chorus and verses have different styles and almost belong in different genres - the verses are hip hop based whilst the chorus is a slow pop song. And let's just mention the harmonies because they are very nice to listen to!

8. Don't U Wait No More

Part of me likes this song and part of me doesn't. It's an easy beat with adventure of vocals ... maybe a bit too adventurous a few too many times, though. The easiness of the song is likeable but the repetitiveness is plain and the toe-curling vocals (at times) is not.

9. Day 1

This takes me back to kpop back in the good old days. Am I the only one who got this? I'm thinking Early Orange Caramel and IU style. It's fun and doesn't have anything too over powering (I'm talking about style or instruments). It could maybe have something more too it to make it more memorable but I'm not sure what that something would be. Nevertheless, it's a good song without this secret something that my concious is telling me it should have.

10. Cool World

Somehow I listened to this song before I even watched the 'Dumb Dumb' music video (I don't really know how either). And though I may want to call this song a bit boring, it is actually a right tune! The melodies and rhythm that it contains wraps well with the beat and instruments. It's not a song that I could get up and dance to but it is a song that I would listen to when I'm on the bus or walking to college - that says something!!

So there it is! My review on Red Velvet's 'The Red' album. Please let me know what you think about the songs if you feel the same way that I do or even if you feel like I should know how much you disagree with my opinion!
- Zin

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to Deal with Disappointment

Received your exam results and couldn't be more disappointed? Most of us have felt that way - whether you were 1 mark of an A* or had been told you were working at a B grade to then get a D.

In most cases you can't do anything about it other than to get your head around these things and I will give some help as to how you can deal with self disappointment even in situations separate from your exams.

1. Firstly, try and see what you did rather than what you achieved. I know that I tried so hard for my AS level exams that I gave up ALL of my interests and hobbies to do revision and work for my courses and I'm proud that I did that (even though I didn't like it).

If you know that you you did the best you could do then the outcome should not have your full attention. GCSE's and A levels are a process of 2 years of work and (personally) the exams at the end of the year do not show your full potential. Of course you could apply this theory to many things such as if you do exercise and you feel disappointed that you didn't do more - at least you did something.

2.Find out what you can do with the result. If you can still take the subjects you want , that's great but if you can't you could either take another subject (that you wouldn't mind learning) or let the people in charge know that you will be completely committed and will work your hardest. Whatever you do, do not feel defeated because you are worth more than an exam result.

Again, if you are having a hard time dieting then look at what you have learnt when you have tried to diet, for example if you know that you will binge eat if you are stood around in the kitchen or that having spare money will make you buy from that vending machine. Every day and every experience is another chance to learn no matter what the lesson may be.

3. Talk to someone. Even if they don't know how they can help you, just talking about whatever is bothering you will make you feel like you have released something that has been really annoying you. Sometimes you might not realise that it is something you need to talk about or it can allow you to figure things out for yourself. 

I know that there have been plenty of times that I have been so disappointed with something but then when I tell someone I realise that my mind is making it a much bigger deal that it is or that there is a simple solution that I hadn't realised before. You never know that the other person might also have some very important advise to give you anyway.

4. Think about it perspectively - will this exam result be relevant in a year? Or 5 years even? Sometimes it could be and you need to find a way to counter that so don't procrastinate and really reach for what you want. If it won't be then don't beat yourself up about it. My Dad got a U in his German A level and it obviously wasn't that important because he got on with the rest of his life and has a successful job.

5. As I had just said - don't beat yourself up about it. There is no point in getting getting upset then staying upset. Once you have been upset accept it and move on. It might sound harsh but moving on will help you to counter the set back and take your mind away from it. It will help the problem to become something bigger or to be left behind instead of staying forever as a disappointment.

I hope these few little point of how to deal with disappointment have been useful.
- Zin

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Thinking out Loud #3

What to know what's going on? Click here.

1. I miss a ToL last week. I wasn't expecting to but the day slowly came to an end as did my motivation so I just told myself that I'll just pick up as soon as I feel like it. Which was last night after my guitar lesson was cancelled. Anyway, enough rambling about events that led to other events!

2. My college starts next week and I want to know if I'm the only one who thinks about upcoming events like starting college solidly all day from the week before? I'm serious! From the moment I stop talking to someone I will think about college. I'm not exactly nervous but rather excited (if I'm honest I don't really understand why I'm excited either) and I think I'm over thinking too much because I'm not really sure what it will be like. I mean I've been off school for like 10 weeks and it's going to be hard changing my routine, you know?

3. I crave feel good songs daily so much that I usually get bored of them quickly from listening to that one song only. Common problem, right? Well, Verbal Jint and Sanchez's song 'Doin' it' is one of those songs so I was super pumped when they released a new song.

I love Sanchez's kind of imitation of Michael Jackson's voice (You are my Fav O RIT-a AC! cident) along with the funky guitar makes this my favourite ;)...

4. I also just want to share with you what I have been baking this week, which was super easy can I just say?

May I present to you home made Jammy Dodgers! I actually haven't had one of those delicious sandwiched biscuits in way too long but these certainly made me want to buy some.... or just make another batch of these. As you can see I slightly over filled them with butter cream and jam so they look proper rustic!

But these really are so simple because you just get an easy plain biscuit recipe (maybe add a drop of vanilla extract but they are just as good without), bake them for less than 10 minutes, prepare store bought butter cream and jam or even better - make it yourself then sandwich together and viola! Simple as simple does.

5. Finally, I realised that once I posted what was in drafts it motivated me to actually post them instead of keeping them hidden for an extra 2 months so I think I will give you another sneaky peek at some pictures that will feature in posts to come.

Stay tuned if you want to know how these pictures are relevant to anything and see you next time!
- Zin

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lifestyle Blog: Where I've Been - Leeds

Where have I been? Leeds! And it was such a beautiful Sunday morning that I think it will be stuck in my mind as one of my most favourite days this year.
A pale blue sky with wispy white clouds as the sun slowly shrank the shadows on the buildings. It was picture perfect, however I came to Leeds with my Dad who does not like to hang around resulting in limited photos of the picturesque scene that surrounded me.

After finding out the art gallery and city museum were both closed at 9:40am on a Sunday morning, we went for breakfast at a Caffe Nero. 

Now let me tell you that this apricot croissant with orange juice was truly bliss. I have recently moved to favouring Caffe Nero out of all of the chain café's (and I'm not going to mention which one it has replaced).

After the city museum trip, we moved to the art gallery which had a Terry Frost exhibition. His art is very hard to describe but the example above will hopefully help you to visualise his other pieces. 

The art work is very much just shapes of paint sometimes featuring other elements such as pencil (e.g the one above). The title of the artwork gives you more of an insight as to why he painted what he did. 

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the piece above and there was no luck in searching the internet for it but there was a similar piece with a name involving winter. In this case you would be able to tell that the connection to winter is that there white, grey and black colours prominent in winter.

 After all the brain work and walking we went to the gallery cafe, The Titled Hall, for lunch. I absolutely love it in there even though I sometimes suffer from a bit of agoraphobia (fear of large spaces, you may get a bit of an idea from the pictures below if you have never been).

The tiled walls and ceiling is really what I love about the hall that leads to the library because it offers such beauty. The architecture also impressive and offers such a beautiful atmosphere. If I lived in Leeds I would undoubtedly visit this cafe at the drop of a hat.

Afterwards, we walked around some shops but our time was up in Leeds all too quickly so we headed back to catch a train home.

I hope this lifestyle blog has been somewhat interesting as the one I have done and I might do one for my trip for London so watch this space!
- Zin

Thursday, 20 August 2015

What to Wear With High Waisted Shorts

Is this the first time I'm posting a picture of myself? I think it is. Anyway. I recently bought these super amazing high waisted shorts from New Look in the sale, known as 'hotpants'. They will probably not be available any more but here is some inspiration for what to where with high waisted shorts (because it can be a bit of a challenge sometimes).

In the case that someone wants to know what I am wearing with the shorts then the details are on the picture below however both the socks and shoes are unlikely to be available but both shops still sell similar items.

In an attempt to try and distract you from my bright white legs, I'm wearing an even brighter white plain tee. Actually, that's not the reason I'm wearing it. I'm wearing it because it makes the outfit have a minimalist look and compliments the shade of blue of the shorts perfectly. It also allows you to add accessories and style the outfit with whatever you want. For example, this leather jacket.

Next is a top that I'm using as an example (wink wink), any top of any colour as long as it comes down to almost the bottom of the shorts will work. I think this style is really cute, looks relaxed and is a perfect summer look.

To switch this outfit up a bit, tuck the front in! I have mentioned this before, tucking the front in adds a cool and chilled vibe to an outfit. ( Why do the words 'cool' and 'chilled' make me feel like I'm trying to connect myself with the youth when I am the youth? Anyway....)

Another top that requires 0.1% effort is a crop top and can act as the centre piece of an outfit with high waisted shorts. Another plus is that you can buy that cute crop top you love and wear it confidently without having to worry about your tummy being seen if you don't want it to be.

So that's it! A few simple ways to wear tops with high waisted shorts and to get the most out of them before summer comes to an end which I am certainly not looking forward to. Also, I have been absolutely loving these shorts and matching outfits with them so I knew I just had to do a post including them.

- Zin x