Thursday, 10 July 2014

GOT7 - Got Love (GOT♡): Album Review

1. U Got Me
I first listened to this out loud in front of my family and realised it wasn't a good idea... The beat in the verses are strong and it has a hip hop style along with the cool whispery-type raps to make the song have a sexy vibe. The chorus is different as it is singing and has a sweeter sound with a melody to change the song up a bit. I really like this song and it surprised me that Got7 would have a song with a sexy vibe like this seeing as the just debuted this year.

2. A
This has been my favourite song since it came out and I still can't stop listening to it! It has such a catchy rhythm and a really good beat to it. (I apologise that I don't know all the members names) The vocals of the 'A' bit are probably what really makes the chorus so catchy and also quite different from other songs.

3. 나쁜짓 (Bad Behaviour)
This is also a favourite on the album. It has a hip hop and electronic sound, like a lot of kpop songs, but has kind of chanting in it and makes it seem more of a fun song, although the translated lyrics seems a bit creepy to me sometimes.

4. Good Tonight
Again, it is mostly a hip hop style song and the music has a lot happening in it whilst the singing is a lot more relaxed and slower for most of it and it fits really well. The music also has mixed sounds. (I'm sorry if you don't understand what I'm about to say) certain chords can sound happier and some sound sadder and in this song they are mixed together so I'm unsure of what kind of feeling it gives off other than being relaxed but also mysterious.

5. Forever Young
I really like this song too and is very different from the other songs as it is more acoustic than the others. It still has a hip hop beat and sound hip hop when they're rapping but the singing sometimes makes it sound like an R'n'B song. I didn't listen a lot to their debut album so this is the first time I have heard them do a song like this and it works very well with their voices.

A Remix's

6. Collapsedone 
This is my favourite remix. The only thing that has been changed is the backing music which is an acoustic backing. It helps to give a different feel to A and also, like a lot of acoustic songs, helps you to focus on the singing or rapping and the lyrics. It also helps you to notice the music and what is happening behind the vocals.

I am perhaps not that keen on this one but I think if the vocals were re-recorded to fit the music better then it would sound cleaner. The speed of the vocals have been edited to fit it which is why I don't really like it. It is a slower and quieter version and a lot more relaxed.

I have very mixed feelings on this because it is mostly dubstep throughout the song and, to me, only really fits with the song in certain parts. It sounds like the type of song that would be played in clubs because it is so heavily remixed at points which is another reason I don't like it and I'm probably not going to listen to this unless I had to.

Which songs are your favourite? Let me know by commenting below!
- Zin x