Monday, 7 July 2014

Boots Beauty Shopping Haul

I recently went shopping in Boots and bought a few beauty products which I am going to share with you.

1. Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks 

Revlon have these small eye shadow colour pallets in a large range of colours, I bought candy, petal and taupe. They have little slides on the sides of them so you can create your own actual pallet of colours which you want as you can often find that there will be a colour in an eye shadow pallet that you don't really want or end up not using, so these are great so you can chose exactly what you want.

2. Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gell Eyeshadow

Even though this is an eye shadow, I have used it as eye liner and works the same as gel eye liner too. This is in timeless black, which is black with a look of a sparkle in it but when it's on your eye the sparkle isn't very noticeable. It is also good as both a sharp block colour as well createing a smokey look.

3. No.7 Precision Eyeliner Brush

I think that these thin eyeliner brushes are best to use as they are thin so you can have your eyeliner thin and subtle or you can build it up bit by bit to make it thicker. I bought No. 7, even though it wasn't cheap,  because they are a good quality brand and I am most likely to get my money's worth out of it.

4. Maybelline Colour Show Nail Varnish

You can get block colours, such as this 'cool blue', or there are also glitter and neon nail varnishes too in this collection. There was a particular nail design I had wanted to try out (which I may do a tutorial or something similar for in the future) which is why I bought this colour, but I also really like the pastely type colour as is a great colour for summer.

- Zin x
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