Friday, 25 July 2014

Album Review: Mamamoo - Hello

I loved Mamamoo's songs from before their debut and now that they have debuted and released their album I can't stop listening to it. Their sound is a lot different from other kpop idol groups and their vocals are really incredible.

1. Hello

This is an intro song so it's only 43 seconds but I think if it was to be a full song it would be really great, the harmonies are really good and help to give the song a sexy type of feel. There isn't anything extravagant happening with the vocals because the song is quite slow and is quiet which again makes the song quite sexy.

2. Mr Ambiguous 

I have been listening to this so much since it came out. Like their other songs, it is jazzy but this has a very up beat rhythm. Similar to other kpop groups they have found a way to put rap in a genre that is completely different to rap but it also fits really well even though it is just a short bit. This is the song they debuted with and it was a very good choice as it also shows off their great vocals especially at the end.

3. Heeheehaheho (Feat. Geeks) 

The title makes it sound as though it could possibly be a fun song but it has a laid back vibe to it. The rapping compliments the girl's singing very well. I haven't read the English lyrics but it sounds like it could be a song about how they're happy now they've broken up with someone? This is one of my favourite things in kpop that, even if you don't speak Korean, you can usually understand the emotion the singer or rapper is trying to communicate, something I hardly notice in western music.

4. Baton Touch

Baton Touch is another upbeat song with a good beat and still has the jazz genre happening but it is a lot more jazzy than the others and has an almost 1920's jazz theme to it but still sounds modern. Their vocals are shown in a different way at some points proving their talent even more by doing short and quieter phrases.

5.I Do Me (Hwa Sa Solo)

Out of place with the rest of the album, this is pretty much a hip hop song. The rapping is really good and she shows a few different skills such as quickening the pace and also rapping slow with style which some idol rappers cannot do. This song, to me, has a similar style to Teach Me How To Dougie, mostly because of the beat and the main part being repeated.

6. Don't Be Happy (Feat. Bumkey)

This is not as jazzy as the others but still has elements but is more acoustic than the others with less instruments to help bring out the vocals. Some parts also seem to have elements of tango or rumba music, this may sound odd but this also helps to add a demanding and fiery feeling to the music and the vocals. Bumkey has a really good voice which goes very well with these types of songs and his voice and vibe that he brings to the song compliments Mamamoo's vocals well too.

I hope you enjoyed, I feel like I have written quite a lot about the songs but the album is really impressive and the album is £3.49 for all 6 songs. I recommend you listen to some songs if you haven't yet.
- Zin x
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