Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sustainable Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially when you have school or work and probably won't eat again until late morning or lunch.

Because of this I have got a list of a few breakfast ideas that can give you energy through the whole morning and also keep you full so you don't get really hungry.

With most of these you would have fruit with them seeing as fruit has a lot of fibre to keep you full

1. Banana on toast

Of course it doesn't have to be banana but this is quite a popular choice. Bread also contains a lot of fibre and together the banana and the toast taste really well together. Toast (or bread if you prefer) on it's own can be pretty sustainable but for some people doesn't keep the full feeling.

2. Cereal

Cereal with fibre is the best choice of cereal for sustaining so make sure that it is high in fibre. Most cereals should be high in fibre anyway. A lot of high in fibre cereals are plain so supplementing them with fruit adds more taste.

3. Granola & yoghurt

I have been having this for the past 2 weeks and even when I am at home I'm not eating anything until lunchtime because it satisfies my hunger so well. Again, fruit is good to have with this as sometimes granola and yoghurt are very plain. I like to have a fruit such as strawberries because the juice adds flavour to the yoghurt.

4. Boiled egg on toast

Egg is another food that can make you feel full but boiling is a much healthier option as they are lower in fat than fried eggs and have more nutrition. Again, it not only adds something more to toast but can help to sustain the feeling of being full for longer than just toast.

HERE is a list of other foods that can help you feel full if you would rather something else for breakfast or ideas for other meals

Hope this was helpful
- Zin x