Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yankee Candle Review : Lavender Vanilla Travel Scent and Pink Hibiscus Candle

(I want to firstly apologize for the low quality of my photo's, I didn't have my camera so I had to use my phone, I'm so sorry because they look terrible)

Lavender Vanilla Travel Scent 
I'm not too sure whether it's actually called a travel scent but it's a scent and it's for travelling so why not?

I'm not actually going to use this for travelling but just to give my room a bit more of a nicer smell (I'm not going to go into details but the sink in my room has become blocked and gives a stale smell to my room)

I love lavender and vanilla smells so I thought that this would be such a lovely smell and it is! It's so great because when you smell it, you can smell both lavender and vanilla clearly and it actually confused me a bit at first because I didn't think it would be like that. To me it smells as though the vanilla is a bit stronger than the lavender but it's such a nice smell.

You have to slide it open and there is this clear gel-like substance which the smell is coming from and I had read that it is for small places when you're travelling, however my room is quite big and I can smell it when I walk in but it is much stronger when you are near it.

Pink Hibiscus Candle
This is going to be a present for a friend so I can't review it when I have lit it, but just simply on it's smell.

When I smelt it I had to basically put my whole face in it to smell it and I must have looked weird in the shop.... but anyway. I was thinking for ages how to describe the smell because it is quite a sharp but pretty smell and I realised that it is a bit similar when you taste a raspberry, it is sweet but it also has a sharp taste. I can imagine that when this is lit and the smell fills the room that it will help to bring a simple smile to your face because it is a pretty smell to lighten your spirits a bit.

Hope you enjoyed this review~
- Zin x