Sunday, 6 April 2014

Pick of the Month: Korean Brand Heeum

Recently I discovered this Korean brand called Heeum (pronounced like: hee oom) and I found out that they employ former comfort women to help create the artwork for their products and around 70% of the profits are donated to former sex slaves in the Korean district of Gwangju. Heeum the Classic was brought around to remind other's of the comfort women's stories and to help bring attention to all women's issues.

This sweater is my favourite and I'm hoping to order this somehow, I'm not sure if they will ship anywhere out of Korea let alone the UK. This is from another website which sells their products.

I love styles of clothing that usually have a main point but are relatively plain which is why I love this so much. Navy and white are colours that, to me, really go well together which is another reason why I'm really into this style. It also comes in 2 other colours which you can find here

I found out from this as Youngjae from the kpop group B.A.P wore it in a recent video they filmed (far right)

The website which sells Heeum the Classic item is here , clothing is not on this website but they do have bracelets, bags etc.

Hope you enjoyed~
- Zin x