Monday, 14 April 2014

Akdong Musician - AKMU Play : Album Review

I have been waiting for they're debut for so long and I'm pretty sure so many other people have been as well and finally they're here! So I'm going to be reviewing the songs off their debut album, Play.

Give Love - This is really cute (well all of the songs are) especially when they have that small call and response part that they put sometimes in their songs. The melody and lyrics are really sweet and has such a happy feeling. I feel like I should be skipping down the street hugging everyone when I listen to this ...

200% - I love the beach and holiday features in the song to help make it a summery song with a happy vibe, the MV turned out to be quite sad at the end but, again, it's really cute and sweet and I've found myself humming the chorus because it's so catchy.

얼음들 (Melted) - I think this is my favourite of the whole album even though it is sad and it sounds sad and maybe that's why I like it? They'e voices sound so good, the melody sounds so good, the music is really good, I just really like it. When Chan Hyuk does the rap part in it, it just makes it even better (I really like this song really really really, i need to calm down)

지하철에서 (On the Subway) - !!!!! It's such a relaxed and laid back cute song with just their voices and the guitar. I have listened to this to listen to when I do studying and it's good to help concentrate because it's really relaxed.

가르마 (Hair Part) - This has quite of a jazzy feeling and again this is also very relaxing but also sounds entertaining (? I don't really understand but it's the best word I could think of). When I'm listening to the album I normally forget about this song but I really enjoy listening to it.

인공잔디 (Artificial Grass) - It has sounds of outside and children playing in the background and it makes me really happy, I haven't looked up the translated lyrics but it sounds such a happy, light-hearted song that it makes me smile when I listen to it.

안녕 (Don't Hate Me) - This one is quite stripped back and simple like 'On the Subway' but has a sadder and more lonely feeling to it. I also really like listening to this when I'm studying because of the way it is simple.

작은별 (Little Star) - I always get this melody stuck in my head and it's a really sweet, cute song. I love the piano behind their voices and the way their voices sound in this as well.

길이나 (Anyway) - Another sweet song, but this is really joyful and has some of their conversations in which is always really cute and when they almost whisper at one part and it becomes quiet reminds me of how cute they're songs are. I really like this one and is one of my favourites of the album.

소재 (Idea) - I love how this one is very different and they still pull it of and it is still really cute. It's more electronic and has different instruments added than their other ones.

Galaxy - Another sweet song and it's also really cute. I really love the guitar and the other instruments with the 'jungle' kind of drums and it really helps to add a night time feel to the song for me. It's a really enjoyable song and this is also one of my favourites in the album.

If you want to listen to the previews and listen for yourself or download the album the iTunes link is here

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.