Thursday, 17 April 2014

Block B - Jackpot :- Music Video Review

Block B are back with 'Jackpot' so I have decided to review their MV!

There's 7 members, why are there only 6? They also seem to still have a similar concept to their last one, I'm wondering if it's because they're now with Seven Seasons and they're creating this type of image for them because that's more what they want?? (I don't know, just a guess. Unless it's all supposed to link???)

Notice it says '7 7 7', I know Taeil has a tattoo of this and saw this opportunity of using the lucky 7 because of the '7 albums, 7 members and 7 seasons'. Anyway, there is a scary atmosphere of the girl walking up to them, along with the creepy piano playing behind it. Question - why is the girl walking up to 6 clowns at night? Whatever the reason is she will obviously that in the future she must stay away from strange places after what happens in the mv.

Here's the 7th member, he scared the girl and she fainted to the ground (is there any wonder with the mask?)

Now the song begins, like this, and I question why I stan Block B (but what is P.O doing and why does Jaehyo have that weird bird?). Keeping with this particular concept, the song beings with a piano tune a bit like what would be played at an arcade during the 1940's before the actual song begins and Zico shouts to let us all know that a Block B song has begun. He introduces the '7th album, 7 members, 7 seasons' which caught everyone's attention I think...(I saw so many gif's of it on tumblr)

Zico starts his rap (which, can I say, is always on point) with an unusual scene, he has the girl they have kidnapped dressed as a doll and is also sat on a desk in front of her interrogating her. I haven't seen the English translation yet but I don't think the English lyrics 'get rich or die' are aimed at her ....

It becomes a bit strange when P.O eats a beetle and is singing whilst Jaehyo is measuring the girl dramatically, then U-Kwon and Jaehyo are playing some game (it looks like it could be a card game) with the girl and another man who decides to beat U-Kwon up and has a gun and the scene is similar to the one from Nillili Mambo. This happens within 30 seconds and is quite a bit to take in, but I must say that P.O's singing sounds very good and U-Kwon looks very good-looking with black hair ...(ahem)

I love how the music at the chorus changes slightly from the old-fashioned-fairground-but-also-a-bit-jazzy type based sound to a more funkier and faster paced one and shows part of the choreography as well as Taeil attempting to eat the girl but is given a spoon by her and he walks off admiring it. (He's like the same height as the girl!!)

We then return back to the fairground type sound for the hook and we have the girl trying to escape. Why do they want her? From the mv it looks like they just want to dress her up in different outfits. Hiding behind a car that immediately drives away doesn't seem to help her and next thing we know is that Kyung is throwing knives at her during his rap. I love how his raps usually have a bit of a melody to them to add something more to it and also to make it different to Zico's and P.O's (if he was rapping in the song).

At this point I started to wonder if maybe they're trying to make her join their circus and I wondered why I didn't notice this earlier (probably because of P.O and that beetle...and when did Kyung start showing his legs??)

B-Bomb is next and is seeing how this outfit will look on her whilst she is still trying to get away but is too busy singing to even see how it looks on her.

And then this happened....

Seems like U-Kwon (whilst wearing a wig) is giving the girl a haircut and I don't really want to try and guess what Jaehyo is doing because I'll probably be wrong. Let's just leave it here.

The boys appear all together in suits whilst the girl also appears to be dressed up, the next scenes of them include them showing some of the choreography again but in these suits (thank you to whoever styled them) although Zico's facial expressions help to make this not as serious as it could have been....

The song then becomes jazzy for P.O, Zico and Jaehyo's parts (finally) before the chorus again where it is a big circus kind of event (i don't know, they're outside and there's dancers and fire and everything but not inside a circus ring so I'm a bit confused here). The song comes to an end with some English phrases from P.O and their still in the circus outside place and show some more choreography, but not much. (Too much was going on very fast so I couldn't get a clean screenshot, reason why I don't have one here)

It has ended.. or a similar ending to Nililli Mambo occurs.. the girl flips them off and walks off and the boys (well Zico) gets very angry and chases after her. The pace is fastened a bit and the voices are high pitch to make it funny.

I really enjoyed watching this MV and the song is really good, I had seen that some people didn't think this was as good as 'Very Good' but they're both different songs and are supposed to show and have different elements. 'Very Good' was more powerful but, to me, Jackpot is more fun and the melody is more prominent than the one in 'Very Good'. When I'm listening to the song, I find myself just going to watch the MV because it is very entertaining.

There is a link at the top to the MV if you wish to watch it (where it says Jackpot) and see if you think the same as me.

Hope you enjoyed this
- Zin x