Friday, 11 April 2014

Quick Diet Tips

If you are thinking of trying to loose weight, here are some tips to help you. I don't want this to be seen as promoting being skinny but if you have decided that you would like to loose a bit of weight for whatever reason it is. Remember all shapes and sizes are beautiful and you shouldn't be forced into dieting if that's not what you want to do or if your happy, your happiness is what's most important.

1) Start to slowly reduce your daily intake and increase your exercise. In order to successfully loose weight, unfortunately you have to do exercise and change your diet. Firstly, if you snack a lot then reduce it by a small amount then the next week reduce it a bit more and if you don't exercise then start by doing small bits, like walking for 5ish minutes or running so far that is achievable then the next week increase it a bit more.

2) Don't skip meals and make sure your meals have enough energy until you next eat. Skipping meals will make you hungry and will make you snack and it could lead you to gaining weight or not loosing any. Many people in the mornings don't feel like eating but it is important to because of this reason, try to have something very simple such as toast or cereal to get you back into a habit of eating in the morning.

3) Don't think starving yourself will make you loose weight. As soon as you next eat you will just put it all back on, I'm not too sure of the reason why this is but what is the use when you will just put the weight back on?

4) Moving from your normal body temperature to either hot or cold. It hasn't been completely proven that this will help you to loose weight, but for example simply sitting in the cold for a few hours has been said by some people to make them loose weight. This is because your body is changing to try to keep your body temperature normal and so it can help you loose weight. If you're always in the cold your body will eventually get used to it so it will no longer be effective but every once in a while it can be.

5) If you're bad at dieting then have one day a week where you can eat more or not exercise so you can look forward to something so it makes it a bit more achievable.

I hope these tips were useful
- Zin x