Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tips For Getting Through Exams

Exam season is coming soon for many people and after the stress of revising there's the actual exam. Exams are usually uncomfortable for many people, let alone the actual exam paper. Here I am giving some tips to help get through exams so you can focus more on your exam paper and hopefully do well.

1) If you have a fear or get anxiety, panicky or whatever you feel during an exam which makes it hard for you to get through it a good thing to do before the exam is to ask yourself 'what is the worst that can happen?' and then 'what would I do in that situation?'. This technique is good for any situation and can make you feel better about it. When you actually think about this in your head many people find that the thing they're worrying about is really not a problem and it makes them feel much more relieved.

2) Perhaps you just don't like the atmosphere as it makes you uncomfortable or something similar. If you imagine yourself to be in your own space or your own bubble and perhaps imagine you're actually in your bedroom or somewhere that you feel comfortable then it can help you to forget about the atmosphere you're in. If you find it hard to do this you could always talk to someone about moving to a place in the exam hall where you would be more comfortable or see if they can offer a different room so that you can actually focus on your exam.

3) To help you focus on exam, underline main points of the question, it can help you to focus on what it is you are reading and understand it more.

4) There should always be a clock in the exam room, use it to your advantage. There a 2 ways you can make the time go faster, if you want it to.(You can use both)

  • Every time you look at the clock, count the time left. Obviously the number will get smaller and smaller and make the time seem as though it's going faster.
  • When you look at the clock, count the time that has gone. Again, this can make time go faster. Personally this doesn't work for me, but it works for my friends so it's all about what is best for you
5) Make sure you have eaten before the exam. Food will give you energy and effort to do the exam and will help keep your mind on the exam

6) If you get nervous before you go in, take your mind off it. You could do this by going through some key points for the exam, or if that makes you nervous, try to distract yourself in some other way, there are some tips in this post that can help relieve stress and calm yourself for any situation, including exams.

I hope you found this helpful and good luck if you are taking exams
- Zin x