Thursday, 20 August 2015

What to Wear With High Waisted Shorts

Is this the first time I'm posting a picture of myself? I think it is. Anyway. I recently bought these super amazing high waisted shorts from New Look in the sale, known as 'hotpants'. They will probably not be available any more but here is some inspiration for what to where with high waisted shorts (because it can be a bit of a challenge sometimes).

In the case that someone wants to know what I am wearing with the shorts then the details are on the picture below however both the socks and shoes are unlikely to be available but both shops still sell similar items.

In an attempt to try and distract you from my bright white legs, I'm wearing an even brighter white plain tee. Actually, that's not the reason I'm wearing it. I'm wearing it because it makes the outfit have a minimalist look and compliments the shade of blue of the shorts perfectly. It also allows you to add accessories and style the outfit with whatever you want. For example, this leather jacket.

Next is a top that I'm using as an example (wink wink), any top of any colour as long as it comes down to almost the bottom of the shorts will work. I think this style is really cute, looks relaxed and is a perfect summer look.

To switch this outfit up a bit, tuck the front in! I have mentioned this before, tucking the front in adds a cool and chilled vibe to an outfit. ( Why do the words 'cool' and 'chilled' make me feel like I'm trying to connect myself with the youth when I am the youth? Anyway....)

Another top that requires 0.1% effort is a crop top and can act as the centre piece of an outfit with high waisted shorts. Another plus is that you can buy that cute crop top you love and wear it confidently without having to worry about your tummy being seen if you don't want it to be.

So that's it! A few simple ways to wear tops with high waisted shorts and to get the most out of them before summer comes to an end which I am certainly not looking forward to. Also, I have been absolutely loving these shorts and matching outfits with them so I knew I just had to do a post including them.

- Zin x