Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Casual Summer Outfit from Zara

Casual Summer Outfit from Zara

Styling in summer is often a struggle. Unlike the other seasons, all colours
are usually in style. Pastels, patterns, blocks and bolds can be seen on the
street but for this post I'm going to focus on a minimalist and simplistic look
that will keep you cool in the non-existent British summer heat.

I have also chosen all items from Zara because it is a shop that I have, only
recently, really started to love.

Firstly white shorts. Shorts are a great start to any outfit and it's so hard to go
wrong with them even in spring and autumn. In this outfit, the plain white
shorts act as a compliment to the most busiest item in this look - the shirt.
There are three ways you can style the shirt with the shorts;

  1. Tuck it in at the front. I love doing this as it makes an outfit look
    casual and effortless
  2. Tuck it in loosely all the way round. This can sometimes make you
    look like a farmer so be really satisfied with the way it looks before
    stepping out the house!
  3. Leave it all un-tucked! Because the shirt being long it can act as a
    dress and cover the shorts, however, they are underneath and will
    help you to still feel confident if the shirt was to reveal your shorts.
(btw, I go through these three steps with any outfit if I feel it doesn't look
quite right. It's a great start to styling your outfits!)

Next, the shirt! It's loose, it's thin, it's bold but not too eye catching and it's
perfect for a summer outfit
. You can try styling this with jeans and skirts as
well because I think this is a great all-rounded shirt.

For this outfit, the shoes and the bag should be white or a similar blue to
the shirt but you don't want something bolder than the shirt. The shoes and
bags I chose will give the outfit a perfect vibe for a city sight-seeing or
shopping trip.

Finally, I picked an ear cuff (with earrings) and a bracelet which will make the
outfit look a bit more girly and feminine whilst adding a perfect 'cherry on top'

to the outfit.

I hope you can pick up some style tips from this post 
- Zin