Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lifestyle Blog: Where I've Been - Leeds

Where have I been? Leeds! And it was such a beautiful Sunday morning that I think it will be stuck in my mind as one of my most favourite days this year.
A pale blue sky with wispy white clouds as the sun slowly shrank the shadows on the buildings. It was picture perfect, however I came to Leeds with my Dad who does not like to hang around resulting in limited photos of the picturesque scene that surrounded me.

After finding out the art gallery and city museum were both closed at 9:40am on a Sunday morning, we went for breakfast at a Caffe Nero. 

Now let me tell you that this apricot croissant with orange juice was truly bliss. I have recently moved to favouring Caffe Nero out of all of the chain café's (and I'm not going to mention which one it has replaced).

After the city museum trip, we moved to the art gallery which had a Terry Frost exhibition. His art is very hard to describe but the example above will hopefully help you to visualise his other pieces. 

The art work is very much just shapes of paint sometimes featuring other elements such as pencil (e.g the one above). The title of the artwork gives you more of an insight as to why he painted what he did. 

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the piece above and there was no luck in searching the internet for it but there was a similar piece with a name involving winter. In this case you would be able to tell that the connection to winter is that there white, grey and black colours prominent in winter.

 After all the brain work and walking we went to the gallery cafe, The Titled Hall, for lunch. I absolutely love it in there even though I sometimes suffer from a bit of agoraphobia (fear of large spaces, you may get a bit of an idea from the pictures below if you have never been).

The tiled walls and ceiling is really what I love about the hall that leads to the library because it offers such beauty. The architecture also impressive and offers such a beautiful atmosphere. If I lived in Leeds I would undoubtedly visit this cafe at the drop of a hat.

Afterwards, we walked around some shops but our time was up in Leeds all too quickly so we headed back to catch a train home.

I hope this lifestyle blog has been somewhat interesting as the one I have done and I might do one for my trip for London so watch this space!
- Zin