Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thinking Out Loud #2

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1. First and foremost, I have decided that my 'Thinking Out Loud' posts will be every other Thursday rather than once a week because it's a miracle if I post more than one thing in a week and I don't want all my posts to be this.

2. Ok. So! I have recieved my AS level results today (the first of two years of A levels) and they weren't terrible but I'm disappointed. And that means I will have a draft idea for a post on how to deal with disappointment for a month before I post it.

3. I have been meaning to listen to Birdy since I did a dance to 'Skinny Love' a few years ago with my dance club (did I mention I dance btw?). Anyway, I hated that song because of listening to it for hours on end with practising but I loved her voice and I could feel something behind the lyrics.

It was 2 nights ago when this song was played on the radio and I love everything about it. I even embarrassingly started to think about my celebrity crush *sigh*

4. Believe it or not I have never made brownie's before. So I made them. It was this morning actually to take my mind off from my AS results and look. at this.

I know. It was super tasty, fudgy and everything I could ask for in a brownie, including walnuts. Good news for me as well: I have some walnuts and chocolate left over. We all know what that means.

5. What posts are in my drafts do I hear you ask? Well here is a sneak peak, one of which you may have seen if you are following me on my instagram.

6. One last thing and I know this ToL post might not have been very interesting or exciting (to be honest it just feel like a to-do list to me, but then again the point of Thinking out Loud is to think out loud....). I am going to London tomorrow and will try to account my trip in a post and should be
posted in the next few weeks, so please anticipate it! I know I am certainly anticipating my trip to London tomorrow!!!

Like I said, this feels like it is lacking a bit in a few areas but I hope this was somewhat entertaining at least and enjoyed this post
- Zin