Monday, 3 August 2015

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint - Review | Peel Off Lip Stain

Almost a year after first getting the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint, I am finally going to be reviewing it! This is a peel off lip stain that is supposed to last 12 hours after applying it, leaving it for 5-10 minutes then peeling it off. The one that I have is in Bubble Pink that you can purchase here.


Firstly, It comes in a cardboard box that is just smaller than my hand (bare in mind I have quite small hands) and the tube is just a bit smaller and thinner than the box meaning it could easily fit in a small-medium make-up bag.

There are no English instructions but on websites that you can buy it should be instructions in English and you'd probably know how to use it just from reading my introduction for it at the top. This also means you would have to find out the ingredients on the website in case you might have any allergies.

How to use the Product

With the squeezable tube, you put a blob on to your lips and spread it using the bit where it came out (I have no idea what to call that part of the tube!). I would not advise rubbing your lips together to spread it because the consistency is a little bit sticky and will start drying straight away.

Talking of consistency, make sure you put on an equal amount or the colour will be fainter where it is thinner and won't last as long either. The thinner the amount you put on the quicker it will dry. Please keep in mind that you do not want to put loads on because that would not be clever and you could be waiting all day for it to dry. Maybe that was just common sense, though...

In the picture above it shows when I first put it on, as you can see it is a gel-like consistency. Though it hadn't dried completely, it still came off easily when I peeled it back and I sometimes find that using a dry cotton bud or pad to get rid off any left over bits works well. And finally, the third picture shows what it looked like afterwards.


Like I said earlier, the packaging is good because it is relatively small and can easily fit into a small-medium sized make-up bag meaning it is perfect for if you are going away or just to keep out of the way. Of course you won't be needing to take it with you everyday to work or school (unless you do your make-up there) therefore you will not need to carry around as many lip products or continuously reapplying products throughout the day.

The gel was a bit hard to work with, for me, because it is a bit sticky and also a bit thick but after I got used to using the lip stain it became easier to apply. Sometimes I thought it was a bit time consuming but I realised I could be doing my eye make-up and brows whilst I waited for it to dry.

I hate dry lips, even if they are smooth, so I always applied some clear lip balm or I enhanced the colour with Baby Lips Electro Pink Shock.

Does it last 12 hours? I still have no idea but it does last a very long time and below is a picture of after 6 hours including a 2 hour shift of pot washing, so not bad. The only problem is that I drink a lot of water throughout the day which is why I can never tell if it would last a long time if I didn't drink so much.

Like I also said at the beginning, I have had this for almost a year and I use it at least once or twice a week but it's still got quite a bit of gel in it so it has lasted a good amount of time.

I would really recommend getting the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint because of all the qualities it has that I have described in my review. On it had been $15.99 (around £10) however at this current moment in time it has 50% off making it $7.99 (around £5). If you have been wondering to get it, I would recommend getting it now whilst it is in the sale and at such a good price because if you find that you do not like it you would know you hadn't spent a lot on it.

If the sale has ended when you are looking at this then I would still recommend getting it because it is good value for money, it lasts a long time and it would be worth spending it on something that also lasts all day.

That's all for now
- Zin