Friday, 3 July 2015

Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleanser Review

Recently I decided to buy Banila Co's Clean it Zero cleanser after I had heard good reviews about both the product and the company. Plus I find it really hard to find good cleansers and I had been using my previous one for over a year so I wanted a change.

Firstly, I love the simple and minimalist-inspired design and presentation on the packaging. It's not trying to promote itself on it's own packaging like a lot of products do nowadays and the instructions on the side (both in Korean and English) are simple and straight to the point. It has the purpose, how to use, ingredients and cautions on the side which, if you ask me, is all you need. (I'm saying this because many brands try to sell you other products on the packaging).

Inside the box is the tub that's around 8cm long/wide and inside that is the cleanser, a little plastic covering and a small spatula.

The cleanser itself is described as a 'solid balm' and I would say that is the best way to describe it although it has a more soft and silky texture than a balm. Once you start massaging it turns into an oil but it is thicker than a typical oil yet it still holds that soft and silky texture.

After massaging the oil all over your face you rinse it off or use a tissue to wipe it off. At first it felt like I wasn't getting all my make-up off when I just used a tissue and I should rinse it off but a tissue is all you need - it is that simple!

As you can see, I put bb cream, eye shadow and eye liner on my hand and within a minute it was all gone. Clean it Zero is especially good if you are too lazy or busy in the evening to take off your make-up because it is really so quick to do.

The only problem with this product is that it does sometimes feel like you haven't got all your make-up off only because it is done so quickly and your don't use water so I only really use this when I have minimal make-up on.

Nevertheless, afterwards my face feels clean and really soft so I would recommend trying this product, which you can buy here and they also do one for sensitive skin that you can buy here.

I hope this review has been helpful!
- Zin x