Thursday, 23 July 2015

Things to do this Summer

The summer holidays are here! I love having this time off to not think about anything and do whatever I want but after the first or second week I always find myself being bored and doing the same thing everyday.

If you're like me and also hate not doing anything that's enjoyable or making good memories then I have come up with a list of things to do this summer. Some are to do on days when you're bored at home and others are when you want to leave the home and get out there!

1. Read. Books are always inspiring and can open your eyes to new views of the world that you may had never thought about before and with no school work to do or think about you can actually enjoy focusing and getting lost in someone else's adventure.

In my June Favourites I mentioned that I was reading 'An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth' (which I have now finished and I may do a review for) and now I am reading 'A Song for Issy Bradley'. I recommend both of these books if you're struggling on what book to buy.

2. Learn something new, whether it's a new language, an instrument, an activity (e.g skateboarding or dancing) or maybe even a subject you've been interested in such as space or music theory. In England we have 6 weeks holiday which is plenty of time to learn something new and pick up a new hobby.

3. Find a job. Of course this can be an actual job (I have just got a job at a cafe) or you could even find volunteering to do. If these are too hard to do then offer to do jobs for family or neighbours. In the end it will come off as experience that you can use to impress future employers!

4. Be a tourist in your own town. I'm lucky that I live in a town that is known for it's old history and tourist attractions so there is always a lot to learn and new things to discover. If you don't live somewhere where there is much you could still fill whole days visiting places even if it is just a shopping trip or a trip to the cinema.

5. Visit all the cafes and restaurants where you live. This is something I have started doing recently and I love seeing how different cafes and restaurants present themselves and how it reflects their food and the overall experience they want the customer to have. However, there are some places that I know I will probably never try and will stay as far away as possible from....

6. Start to exercise. Summer gives you no excuses to put off getting fit; the mornings are bright and refreshing as are the evenings and it's definitely not cold outside plus you now have a lot of free time. Go out and do a quick run as soon as you wake up, mid-morning, in the afternoon or in the evening and if you don't want to run then there are plenty of other exercises to choose from as well.

7. Get organised to start school again. Yes, I know, we try to pretend school doesn't exist in the holidays but if you get everything ready at the beginning then you don't have to think about it as much when the holidays come to a close.

Buy all the stationary you need, a new school bag or maybe some new clothes and then actually prepare your stuff as if you were going to school if you can. It will also put your mind at ease a bit because you know you won't have to rush and do last minute shopping.

I hope these quick pointers will help your summer to be a bit more enjoyable and memorable.
- Zin x