Monday, 22 June 2015

June Favourites 2015

I have returned! My exam's have finally finished and I am now ready to get back into the swing of things (apologies for being gone for so long!!) and what better to make a return than with a favourites post?

1. Barry M Gelly Nail Polish

I absolutely love wearing this at the moment and I think it is particularly summery as well. The colour I have is called blueberry, however on the website it isn't there but the nearest colour to this is either huckleberry or sky blue. My sister also went on a trip to New York recently and the hat she bought me matched this colour completely - another reason I have been wearing this a lot.

2. Leighton Denny Nail Polish
Blush Pink & I Love Juicy

My auntie had received these as samples in a gift box but gave them to me because they were too bright for her and I probably would not have bought these as the price is a bit out of my price range for nail varnish. However, if you do have the money I would really get a varnish from this brand. Not only are there so many colours that are really gorgeous but the quality of the varnish is great and the brush is designed to make it really hard to make a big mistake.

3. banila co. Clean It Zero Classic 

Firstly, banila co. is a great brand and many people agree with that fact. This cleanser has a gel-like consistency to begin with then turns into an oil when you put it on your face. I love it because you can put it on a full face of make-up and it brings all the products off your face. As I am a bit fussy I do it twice just to make sure it is all of but it leaves my skin feelings really refreshed, clean and smooth.

4. Chris Hadfield - An Astronaut's Guild to Life on Earth

I might do a full review on this once I have finished this book (as you can see by the bookmark in the picture, I haven't quite finished it yet). So far I love the way that Chris Hadfield writes about training and being an astronaut and compares different aspects to everyday life as it is very useful if you feel anxious or worried about something. I really recommend that you read it as I have already learned a lot about it.

5. Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry Shower Gel

I am absolutely in love with this! I adore the smell of vanilla with anything at all and with raspberries it is amazing. The smell is seriously like raspberry ice cream, now who doesn't want to smell like raspberry ice cream all day? Original source is maybe a bit expensive for a regular shower gel but it's a good treat every so often or even a really great present for a friend.

So these are all my favourites for this month and I hope to be updating quite frequently now so stay tuned!
- Zin x