Tuesday, 17 June 2014

June Favourites 2014

1. Good Things Bright Eyes Treatment 

I had also featured this in my previous post and it is one of my favourites this month because I find it really effective and useful. Sometimes, when I'm still half asleep, I rub my eyes and so they become very swollen and this has helped a lot to make my eyes not as puffy as they have recently been. I also became tired because of exams and got dark circles and this again helped brighten my eyes. It has extracts of raspberry and lychee in it and has a very nice smell, as do all the Good Things range. If you have any eye problem similar then I recommend this .

2. Topp Dogg - Amadeus

I have followed Topp Dogg since their debut and all their songs, even those not released, have really impressed me. I love hip hop and classical and when they're mixed together it's like a super genre and Topp Dogg have done really well in mixing the 2 genres together, I also like how the vocals are quite R'n'B and they go well with the mixed genres. The song Salieri is different from the other songs as it doesn't have the classical in it and I think it's just the rappers of Topp Dogg in it (correct me if I'm wrong). Overall I think Amadeus is my favourite on the mini album but I really enjoy the others a lot too.

3. Strawberries!!

It's the time of the year for strawberries and also a time to get emotional because of strawberries tasting so good! I'm not sure about other countries but strawberries are also the nicest during summertime in the UK, and strawberry picking is so great. I really love strawberries.

4. Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes

Nivea products are always very good and I enjoy their range, one of my favourites being their face wipes. The one I have is for all skin types but there are also one especially for dry skin or combination skin. The wipes themselves felt a bit dry to me at first and I was worried there would still be make-up behind afterwards but it takes make up off easily and efficiently.

Hope you enjoyed
- Zin x