Sunday, 15 June 2014

How to Treat Stressed Skin

Being stressed can have effects on your skin, most commonly your face. I have just finished my exams and my skin is starting to go back to normal from being stressed so here are some tips which I have found helpful.

  • Spots are one of the most common effects stress can have on your face even if you don't suffer from acne very much. To help prevent spots anyway and for good skin, cleansing your face, especially at the end of the day, is very important and you should be at least washing your face everyday anyway. But when spots appear here are 3 things I mostly use:- Freederm gel, Simple Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper and good ol' Savlon.

    Firstly, Freederm handles spots long-term, so this is best for smaller and less aggressive spots

    Simple is a fast acting gel and I can say that it really helps for the bigger and more aggressive spots by reducing the redness of the spot and, after using it frequently, makes the spot less noticeable and reduces it's size.

    Sometimes we can't help but squeeze a big white head even though we know it will make it worse and can leave a scab and even scarring. Savlon is an antiseptic and it's main use is for cuts, grazes and such but it also has a use for acne, although I haven't properly tried it out for that. I do, however, use Savlon to help the squeezed spot heal and to help try prevent scaring.

  • Another effect of stress is dark circles under your eyes. This can become even worse if you're not sleeping properly or well, and I do but I still gained dark circles under my eyes everyday. I have been using Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream. I use a few products from this brand, all of which are very successful and smell beautiful, and I think it is also quite new as well. I have found this helped to keep the puffiness of my eyes and the darkness became less when I started using this.

  • Stress can also cause skin irritation in some form, from a lack in moisture to itchy patches. The current moisturizer I used for my face started to lack a bit once my exams started and so I started using Nivea's Soft Face, Body and Hands cream. Hand cream can be too thick for your face and face cream is too thin for your face so this is good that it has a balanced amount and works very well for anywhere on your body.

I hope these tips/recommendations can help you during stress or if you suffer from any of these in everyday life.
- Zin x