Friday, 20 June 2014

Healthy Snack Recommendation: Popcorn

Popcorn at the cinemas and brands of it are very unhealthy however popcorn on it's own is a lot more healthy and, although it is not exactly good for you, can be a good change from other snacks that are a lot more unhealthy and don't have a good satisfying taste as well.

One brand which has become a favourite recently is Propercorn

Most of the flavours are under 100 calories, this surprised me as the packets are quite large and are filled with popcorn. The popcorn is hand popped and has proper flavours which are strong and very delicious. My personal favourite is Lightly Sea Salted which is 87 calories.

The second brand is Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn

The calories in each bag are just over 100 but the bags are usually bigger, although I think you can get small, crisp-sized bags as well. Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn have a variety of popular popcorn flavours and others that a lot more interesting, similar to how crisps can have some odd flavours.

Out of the two, Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn's bags are bigger than Propercorn's bags but both are filled to the top with popcorn and it suprises me with both brands that the calories are not more with that much popcorn. Propercorn has more 'rustic'-type flavours whilst Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn have a lot of mixed flavours and more generic flavours as well as unusual flavours. I recommend both as being really good for snacks.

Popcorn like this is a lot more healthier than, for example, crisps as there is no oil or fat that is produced as it is simply just popped corn. This type of popcorn is also very different from cinema popcorn because cinema popcorn can have more oils and fats in it and is usually sitting in a container which can make the taste bad and overall quality of that popcorn very bad.

Hope you enjoyed
- Zin x
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