Friday, 8 April 2016

Balance Me Treatments | Radiance Face Mask : Skin Care Review

Is your skin lacking in .... well everything lately? From tired eyes to dull skin, Balance Me ensure that their 5-minute Radiance Face Mask will brighten your complexion and purify your impurities among other skin boosting benefits.

The Product

When I think of a mask I usually expect something quite thick but because this is a quick 5-minute solution so I was reassured when this turned out thinner. The consistency is a bit like a silky and is slightly clay-like with small beads of walnut shells.

It has a distinctive nutty smell with fruity hints - which is appropriate because this is what is in this mask along with kaolin clay.

Does it Work?

I wasn't expecting any miracles, especially the first time I used it but I did notice a difference. My skin problems still exist after 2 weeks of using this mask about twice a week however my skin looks a bit brighter, especially in the dull areas. Immediately after I use it, my skin also feels more radiant as if it has been gently exfoliated. 


Whilst some people have claimed this mask has done absolute wonders for their skin, I can only partially agree. My skin has benefited from using this mask and I think it would be great to use if your skin was especially dull and in need of a pick-me-up. 

As you may be able to tell, this is just a small bottle and I have to admit this was a free sample from Glamour Magazine (GUILTY!) but you can buy this sized bottle (15ml) for £6.50 or a larger size (75ml) for £18.00. 

If I'm honest, I would buy the larger bottle if it was the price of the smaller one so unless my skin was desperate I'm not likely to buy this. That being said, I would recommend anyone who feels like they need something like this to get it because I think it would definitely be worthwhile to spend a bit extra.

I give this product 3/5

Have you tried this product? Do you agree with me?