Thursday, 3 March 2016

Ariana Grande for Lipsy Favourites

Ariana super-talented-and-all-around-cutie Grande has released a clothing and jewellery line with Lipsy and I'm loving it so here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection.

This one is probably my favourite! I love the delicate rose pink with the elegant roses which is brought together with a graceful floaty design.

Though this is called a prom dress, I think this would be great for any type of party - even a casual one - if you team it with the right shoes and a light jacket.

I included these two items together because they work so well together. I would definitely splash out on buying both for a formal event because both items would also work great for everyday outfits too.

I'm not the type to go for bodycon dresses but I would definitely wear this. It's not dramatic like most bodycons usually are and would be perfect to wear on a spring day outing too.

To me, the stereotypical prom dress is always so extravagant so I love this simple but gorgeous dress for those who would prefer to be less bold but still catch their dream prom date's eye.

Ariana also has jewellery included in her collection, all of which would go perfectly with her clothing items. This two pack  is so cute and is at a reasonable price too if you want to buy something from the line but don't need or want to buy a dress.

This bangle set has certainly been described in the perfect way because they are so pretty, especially together.

What do you think of Ariana Grande's line? Would you add anything else to your list of favourites? I know I would because the whole line has been designed so outstandingly well.

You can view the whole collection on Lipsy's website here.