Thursday, 17 March 2016

Lee Hi - Seoulite : Half Album Review

Lee Hi is back after what feel like forever and she's brought an incredible album that I've had on repeat non stop. In my opinion, all of these songs are better than anything she has released before (although 'It's Over' was a good tune) and it's no surprise with it being produced by Tablo, DJ Tukutz and herself. Here's my review:

1. World Tour (비행) (Feat. MINO of WINNER)

What a perfect song! I've been really into easy listening songs lately but they still need a bit of excitement and variety in them or the song can get boring very quickly so MINO's rapping was a cherry on top for me. Easy and flowing melodies from the chorus and the 'don't think about it' part at the end has me humming this song whenever I'm not listening to it.

2. Hold My Hand (손잡아 줘요)

Another easy and relaxing song with jazzy vibes, especially with Hi's voice being a little raspy. This is fun and uplifting which matches perfect with it's vintage style. I love the harmonies that play a good part in conveying those old school vibes. This is probably my favourite song on the album.

3. Breathe (한숨)

This is where the album takes a turn from being bouncy and light hearted, though the lyrics are still uplifting and sweet. This ballad seems to be either a hit or a miss with most people and I'm still undecided. Written by SHINee's Jonghyun, the pitch of the chorus makes me feel a bit uneasy and I'm not so sure that Hi should be singing it because it doesn't suit her voice. Other than that, I must say I will probably listen to this song the least because it's a ballad that could have a bit more to it for more emotion to come out.

4. Official (Feat. Incredivle)

We've fully come out of the bouncy and smiley songs and we're into the hip hop now, as expected on a YG artist's albumIt starts off with what I thought was going to be a much lighter sound but then it slows and goes into a heavier beat. I love Incredivle's rap and I think it adds that extra something to the track making it an instant favourite for me.

5. Fxxk Wit Us (Feat. Dok2)

Lee Hi says the F word too obviously and too much for me to play this song out loud when my family is at home but that hasn't stopped me.... Hi is great at having a cocky but cool sound in her voice which I think is conveyed perfectly throughout the whole song. It's a great addition to the feeling of the song too as if she knows that no one can fxxk wit her and her man.

I give Seoulite 5/5. Recently, I have felt like there hasn't been many songs that I really love and that I would play continuously but this album has broken the trend because it has (almost) everything that I could ask for in an album. From light hearted cute songs that aren't babyish to the more fierce hip hop songs that don't try too hard. Well done Lee Hi, Tablo and DJ Tukutz.

What do you think of Lee Hi's album? Do you agree on my review of the songs?

I adore this album artwork, too!