Saturday, 16 January 2016

Winter Neutrals | Outfit

Winter Neutrals

January, to me, is always a hard time to know what to wear. Of course, the clothing has to be warm but it is suddenly unacceptable to wear our festive items that we wore throughout December (I can't think why....). Nonetheless, I have come up with a few ideas that you CAN wear in January.

Neutral colours are good for this time of year in my opinion because the rest of the year allows the bold colours to have their limelight, what with Spring and Summer, and even Autumn.

If you desperately want to wear a skirt with socks (I know I do, for fashion reasons obviously) then don't let the sharp cold stop you. Simply wear skin coloured tights underneath! It is also possible to find skin coloured thick tights too so please don't think you're tough enough to wear just the thin ones if you know you aren't, like me.

Woolly hats with pom-poms seem more like a Christmas novelty to me, so at this time of the year I like to wear baseball caps. To be quite honest, though, I like to wear baseball caps all year round. Baseball caps are also very popular in fashion right now, so don't think you'll look to eager for Summer in one!

I hope this quick outfit has given you some ideas for your January wardrobe and I think I will be posting a lot more about fashion than I previously have been so follow me on Twitter - @Zin97_ to know when I have a new blog post. Whilst I'm talking about social media, I'm also working on my Bloglovin' page too so you can also look forward to that.
- Zin