Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Soap & Glory Clean Getaway Gift Set | Review

Specially designed for travel purposes, the Soap & Glory Clean Getaway Gift Set includes four mini products perfect for when you're jetting off and not taking up space in your suitcase with original sized products. It's also great to give someone for a gift - which is how I received it. And since I have (almost) finished all these products I thought I'd take the chance to review each one of them.

Firstly, you don't have to buy this just because you're going on holiday or to buy as a gift - Soap 7 Glory products can be a bit pricey (especially if you don't have an income, like me) so buying this would be great to experience the glory of their products without having to splash out.

The shower and bath gels lasted me just over a week each whilst the body butter lasted around 3 weeks and I'm still using the hand cream now (considering I started using it in November). Though it's not long for each product, it can help you decide what to buy if you want to get the larger product.

Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel

As with all the products, the shower gel is scented with the Original Pink fragrance and it smells great! Though the scent doesn't stay with your body all day, I have still got a whiff of it at mid-point during the day.

With a 'built-in body lotion', it leaves you with super smooth skin as well as saving you time because you don't need to moisturise when you come out the shower.

The larger version is at £6.50 so I give this a 4/5

Calm One Calm All Stress-Battling Softening Bubble Bath

I don't favour baths so I used this as shower gel (judge me all you want) but I don't think it really matters, right? This also doubles up as a body lotion thanks to it's skin conditioning extracts to leave you feeling extra smooth.

Buying the larger one of these as a present, rather than the whole set, is a good idea especially if you know the person loves their baths, unlike me.

The larger size is £6.00 (a whole 50p cheaper than the shower gel!!!) even though there isn't much of a difference between them so this gets a 5/5

Hand Food

Now, my hands get very dry often as you may know if you have been reading my blog posts since I started so I can get pretty critical when it comes to hand cream. As Boots best selling hand cream (*), I can only agree to an extent.

It has been great to renew my hands when they need a quick bit of moisture but I wouldn't recommend this if you have really dry hands because the fragrance could irritate them even more otherwise. However, if you happen to use this when your hands are suffering then it doesn't irritate them as much as I have known others to, so you could use this as a back up hand cream if you are in a desperate situation.

You can buy this at £7.00 for 125ml, £2.50 for 50ml or a pump version with 250ml for £7.00 and this get's a 4/5 

The Righteous Butter

Another product with the Original Pink fragrance and determined to give you soft skin, you wont need to wear perfume if you put this on after you shower.

Similar with the Hand Food, don't use this if you have more serious skin problems because it will probably irritate it even more, however you could use it on other areas that can accept creams with a fragrance. It is also quite similar to the hand cream because of it's scent and it's purpose but as a body butter this is thicker.

To buy a 300ml pot, which would probably last a life time is £10.00 or you could buy a £2.50 50ml pot. Either way I give this product 3/5

And that marks the end of this review, I hope it was somewhat informative and influences your opinion when you next go to buy a Soap & Glory product.
- Zin