Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Spring Outfit Ideas 2015

Spring Outfit Ideas 2015

This spring outfit goes for a light and relaxed look but team it with something bold to make
a statement!

For a light, refreshing and breezy look go for a loose, pale top (doesn't have to be white)
 and pair it up with some light blue jeans. Ripped jeans go really well with this style and
 are right in season and if they are a bit loose even better! 

For shoes you can go for light shoes again, especially if it's warm outside, or to look more
 casual go for converse or other comfy shoes. Depending on your outfit, your shoes don't
 have to be black and could be white or another pale colour.

Black shoes would go best with this outfit if you wore a black leather jacket. Where I live,
 it is still very cold so I still have to wear a coat outside but a leather jacket helps to make
 an outfit more prepared for spring weather rather than winter. A leather jacket is perfect for
 an edgy look, especially teamed with ripped jeans.

For accessories, pale coloured  jewellery would go very well, although I think this outfit
 would be fine without the jewellery. A light coloured bag would make the outfit complete. 

- Zin x