Friday, 27 March 2015

Quick Exam Tips

I have previously done exam tips but I am about to go through another extremely important set of exams in the next few months and I want to share some new and improved exams tips.

1) If you're like me and still have a few months until you should fully focus all your time on revision, find some time every so often to go through different topics that you did at the beginning of the year or topics you didn't quite understand. This means that when it comes to really focusing on revising, you might not need to fully go through a topic.

2) Make time. This seems impossible to do but if you organise your daily routine, you could find that you actually have half an hour here or there to do some revision or work. This is really quite good because once you get some out the way your mind can feel a bit more relaxed and you can spend other time on something you actually want to do.

3) I kind of said this in the first tip, but start early. The best thing to do is to be going over things in free time from the beginning of the school year. You could make this an aim for your next school year if it's too late, but if it's not then go ahead and start today!

4) Give yourself regular breaks. Of course, if you have motivation and are in the right mind then do as much work as you can, but do take a breather every 20 minutes at least even if it is just to take a few breathes and then going back into it.

If you don't have motivation, say to yourself you'll do 5 minutes then take a break, then 10 minutes and take a break.

5) Eating well will give your brain energy to focus and to remember. Working when you're hungry or not focused isn't going to be worth it. Breakfast is very important and here is a post that is about sustainable breakfast that will keep you going through the whole morning at least.

As well as breakfast, you don't want to skip lunch or an evening meal, and it is better to eat these than to snack. Meals are better brain food than small snacks.

I hope these help
-Zin x