Saturday, 6 December 2014

What I Got For My Birthday

Hellooo! So after over a month I am  finally going to be showing a few things that I got for my birthday, you can see what I wanted here. So without further ado, I'll begin.

This was first on my list and I was also very excited about getting this too. As I said in my list of what I wanted for my birthday, it's supposed to last all day. I won't put a full review here as I will be doing a proper review on it soon, but I can tell you that I'm very happy with it.

Currently, I have been using the Nikon 1 S2 Digital Camera for all my pictures on my blog and for my hobby of photography but because I am now doing A Level photography I needed something more advanced. And because of that this is what I have got this although I will still probably be using the Nikon 1 for blog pictures. I'm still getting used to my new camera because I haven't used different camera settings before, so it will be quicker with my Nikon 1.

I had featured this in a previous post saying that I would really like it for school and a family member heard my call and gave me this. I really love the plain design and I have updated the post to give a small review on it.

4. F&F Boots

F&F isn't a place I usually shop, mostly because it's in Tesco and supermarket clothing never really appeals to me, but sometimes I am forced to go and look with my sister. Sometimes there are certain clothes that look OK, but what really caught my eye one time were the amount of really good boots that they had in at that time so I asked for them for my birthday.

They don't do these boots any more, neither do they do all the other ones that looked really good.

I hope you enjoyed finding out what I got for my birthday and now that it is December I will be doing more Christmas themed posts, so keep an eye out!
- Zin x