Saturday, 20 December 2014

5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

It's 5 sleeps until Christmas and if you're like me and still haven't bought all of your Christmas presents then I have a few quick and easy to find gifts that will be suitable for anyone!

1) Chocolate
Most people on this planet love chocolate, so unless you know they don't like chocolate this is perfect. If you know the person likes a certain type of chocolate then you can make it much more personal and I've bought 5 people chocolate of some sort this year.

2) Shower gel
Everyone needs shower gel and sometimes it can be a bit of a chore to go and buy one. To help someone beat this chore, buy them some! Sometimes I get so much shower gel that it keeps me topped up for most of the year, which is of course a good thing.

3) Socks
I think my last few blog posts have included me talking about my love of socks but this time it is actually relevant, I promise. People's socks go missing all the time right? So I suppose this can also be a bit of a helping hand for someone.

4) A Mug
This might seem a bit silly but I received 3 mugs this year for my birthday and they get a lot of good use. Shops recently have releasing really good deigns as well. If you want to go a step further then buy hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and some whipped cream.

5) A Sweet Gift
By this I mean sweet food such as cupcakes, a cake, biscuits or even mince pies. Of course this can either mean buying some from a shop or you can make them yourself to make it even more special. Recently, I have been into baking cupcakes and even made some for my friends for their presents and I might even post a tutorial on how to make some holiday cupcakes for Christmas (but don't get your hopes up, there is only 5 days left and still  a lot of preparation).

I hope this could have given you some ideas and I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!
- Zin x