Saturday, 22 November 2014

Favourite Winter 2014 Trends

Favourite Winter 2014 Trends

To celebrate the upcoming holidays and this seasons new trends I have picked a few of my favourites that have really caught my eye.

1. First of all the classic Christmas jumper. This started to become a trend in the winter a few years ago but it always fades out after Christmas time even when it's still cold but thankfully it's an acceptable time now to start wearing them again!

The one that features above is one that I have had my eye on for a while but I haven't gotten round to buying it. I absolutely love it because the design of it is really adorable and it looks very cosy too.

2. Oversized blazers are my next favourite. My favourite part of this trend is that they go well with so much and is perfect to make an outfit stylish.

3. Leather coats with fabric look really stylish and perfect to add to a casual outfit to make it look edgier. The one above looks very christmassy especially because of the red and because it is quite dark, like a lot of fashions are at this time of year.

4. Of course I couldn't miss out socks but especially because socks have become an important part of fashion for over a year now. I love Christmas patterns and designs on Christmas clothing so it's obvious that I am adoring this trend.

5. Finally, one of my very favourite trends that started to arrive last year but only this year has it become a very prominent trend; oversized scarves. Last year when I was wearing a large scarf people asked me why I didn't get a smaller one, but this year those people are also wearing them.

Because the fashion this year is to have it loose around your neck (like the scarf above shows) it means that your neck has to be a little chillier for fashion's sake, but that doesn't matter to me much.

-Zin x