Tuesday, 19 July 2016

6 Tips on How To Keep Cool and Survive Hot Weather

Attention! The world is currently in a state of heat and people are struggling to keep their body temperatures cool. England, Germany, Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Honolulu are all experiencing temperatures at 30°C and above so, wherever you are, here is how to survive. 

1. Open windows early then shut them when the outside temperature is higher than your house. It will help if you have a thermometer that tells you inside and outside temperatures. If the room is facing away from the sun then keep those windows open.

2. Between 11 and 3, stay under a tree. When the sun is at it's highest in the sky it does the most damage to your skin and makes you very uncomfortably hot. During these times find shade or stay inside and make your sunbathing times in the morning and the afternoon.

3. Instantly cool down by putting and ice cube, cold water or anything cold on your wrists, neck, inner elbow or inner knee. These areas are pulse points and pressure points so they are the hottest parts of your body. 

4. Sleep downstairs at night if the heat is just too unbearable (if you live in a two-story house). Heat rises and there's nothing you can do about that so if the heat is keeping you awake at night then simply move to the cooler places in your house.

5. Change your bedding to a thinner one, or if you don't want to spend money on new bedding then you can always use a sleeping bag because the material is thinner. However, sleeping bags are insulators so try opening it up and use it as a normal duvet.

6Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and keep bottles of water in the fridge. This allows you to have instant access to cold refreshing water straight away.  

Let me know how you are coping in the heat. What's the hottest temperature it's been this summer where you live?