Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Never Ending Wish List | Topshop Shoes Summer 2016

Recently I've been falling in love with many items at Topshop, and some of them have been shoes. If you're like me and prefer to have a minimal amount of shoes (3, including a pair of running trainers) that can go with a range of everyday outfits then you'll understand my struggle of wanting to buy shoes but having to think practically about when you'll wear them. Also prices at Topshop can be very out of my price range....

So, without further ado, here are 7 Topshop shoes that I wish I could buy.

I already have a pair of trainers just like this, but they're white. I love pale colours especially nudes and pinks because they can go with so many outfits.

These would be perfect for hot weather, which this British summer is set to be. The minimal detail means they'd easily go with many outfits. I think they would look nice with cropped jeans and a loose top.

If you're not a fan of sandals but still want footwear that won't make your feet overheat then slippers are a great alternative. Because these have quite a bold pattern, I would try to work the rest of my outfit with it by focusing on blues and whites.

Party shoes without a heel? I need them! Silver and white are a hot trend this season so these would go great with a white dress and also add a casual vibe to your outfit. Of course, these can also be worn as everyday shoes and you'll be the height of fashion in them.

Perfect for a formal summer occasion (and I wouldn't spend THAT much on shoes unless it was for that purpose), the ribbon is so delicate and pretty I would put these on display when I wasn't wearing them. Again, these could also be worn with a casual outfit that matched the pale colours.

I think these sandals would be great for prom. And with prom season coming up very soon, these would be a perfect finish to your dream look. On the casual side, I wouldn't wear these with trousers or shorts and they would go better with a dress or skirt.

The boldest and darkest shoes on my wish list. How can you not fall in love with these? These would go with absolutely anything and would take you all year round, not just summer. I think the Alegra Lace Ankle Boots would be well worth the money if you were happy to spend it.

What do you think about these shoes? Have I added any to your current wish list or would you chose other shoes to put on instead? Let me know!