Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Formal Minimalist

The Formal Minimalist

The Formal Minimalist by zin-s 

Minimalist style is the only style you'll ever need whether you're dressing for a hot summer's day to attending a formal occasion. In this post, I'll be giving you tips on how to formally dress like a minimalist.

Firstly, don't have more than three colours in your outfit but try to focus on two. Minimalism is all about having as little things going on as possible, which is why in the outfit above there are three colours. One of the colours only appears once, in the shoes, and it acts an equaliser to stop the outfit being monochrome.

In a minimalist formal style, dresses and skirts are welcome but I think minimalism opens more options when you wear trousers  than other styles. If you're wanting to wear trousers to a formal event then this is a style that will make your outfit planning a lot easier.

Don't wear patterns. Well, you can but make sure they're delicate and simple with subtle colours. That being said, I think plain clothing works best.

Finally, jewellery should also be kept simple, such as the one in the outfit above. You are allowed to have a bit of fun by having something more exiting on your necklace but don't make it too big or too colourful or it will clash with your formal minimalist attire.

So, these have been a few quick tips on styling minimalism through formal wear and I hope you feel confident in being able to style yourself as a minimalist. 

Let me know how you feel about this style.