Thursday, 1 October 2015

Shopping Haul | End of Summer into Autumn

So who else is trying their hardest to hold onto summer even though we're only a few days away from October? It's pointless really but I even changed into shorts and had an ice cream in the sun that lasted for half an hour the other. I supposed I'm just really bad at letting go of things I love.... which sounds very very sad.

Anyway, I have been shopping a few times in the past month and picked up a few things that I should have bought mid-summer rather than beginning of autumn but, well, what can you do? So here is my end of summer into autumn haul!

First stop, The Body Shop.

I usually only go into The Body Shop if it's for a friend/family member's birthday or Christmas and I have never bought anything for myself in there before, yet there I was 10 minutes after entering the shop buying 2 products.

Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap
Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist

This soap is one of my favourite things at the moment. It had a strong but subtle scent of green tea as you could definitely smell it but it was quite gentle, which is something I notice when I buy soap.

I really hate being able to smell something 40 minutes after I wash my hands especially when my hands aren't anywhere near my nose. But with this I can only smell it when I smell my hands and it's a nice smell. Bonus: my hands get dry very easily but since I started using this soap they have not got dry once!

The smell of the fragrance is also a favourite right now. I reckon that if the sky on an early summer sunset had a scent it would be this! It's weird to say this but it smells pretty. I know, it's strange how I would describe it that way but it's true.

Original Fruity Flapjack

Next I popped into Boots to pick up one thing (it turned out to be four things but we'll get to that bit later) and the food section started to scream at me - literally. OK, maybe it didn't but it felt like it was. Anyway, I have tried Graze a few times before online and I love their snacks and I was so glad they sold this because this is a real winner with me.

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Body Lotion
No 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask for Dry/Very Dry Skin
Baby Lips - Pink Shock

On to the rest of what I got from Boots. A very good body lotion for the dry skin on my arms, legs and feet was needed and Vaseline is notorious for helping dry skin plus this one had a nice scent that was not too powerful.

The No 7 mask was an impulse buy. I had just enough money left to buy it so I did. But I do not regret it! So far it has been really hydrating to my skin and I am going to do a proper review on it at some point.

And finally, a second purchase of Pink Shock. I love Baby Lips, as I have probably mentioned in previous posts, and this colour is perfect. I used to always go back to buy a Baby Lips that I had just finished but I would always get a different shade, but this time I have actually re-bought a colour that I already have.

Aaand last but not least (indeed - these were quite pricey!). I have been wanting some circular sunglasses for well over a year now but I have never been able to find any until I walked into Topshop!

Thankfully there are still days where there's not a cloud in the sky and I can whip these out and look the pinnacle of fashion no matter what I'm wearing. Unfortunately, I think Topshop are no longer selling these particular ones but there are some similar.

Phew! I feel quite puffed out after this post and I certainly did after buying these products. Now I just need a job to get some more money.....

Anyway, until next time goodybye!
- Zin