Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What To Wear With Checked Shirts

What To Wear With Checked Shirts

A fashion trend that I have recently picked up on is checked shirts,
sometimes over sized, sometimes fitted and sometimes loose fitted. The
great thing about the variation in styles of checked shirts is that you can
team it with pretty much anything and look on the point of fashion as
well as looking and feeling comfortable.

1. One way to wear checked shirts is with a denim jacket. What works
best is a checked shirt that is a similar colour to the one in the picture
and also oversized underneath a denim jacket that is also slightly
oversized. This is something that was fashionable about a year ago
but has become more popular and is still very fashionable.

2. Secondly, wearing a short black cropped top underneath an
unbuttoned oversized checked shirt has an almost 'dramatic' look and
works very well.

3. As easy as it sounds, tucking a checked shirt into a skirt similar to on
the picture. A light coloured shirt would work better with a light
coloured checked shirt.

4. This one is also very simple, an over sized checked shirt to act as a
dress then pair it with some leggings. 

5.To finish up, any type of checked shirt with a pair of jeans is the
ultimate lazy but fashionable look. 

- Zin x