Saturday, 22 February 2014

February Favourites 2014

 1.     Fearne Cotton’s Spritzer
      I  actually got this for Christmas but I haven’t used it until just recently and now I wear it all the time. It’s only a small bottle so you can carry it around with you easily and you only need to do 3 sprays for the scent to stay for almost the whole day (my sister has pointed it out to me at the end of the day about 10 hours after I put it on). For the scent itself, it smells of a musky vanilla. It is a very good quality and doesn't smell cheap at all which is why I really love this. It came as part of Fearne Cotton’s Mini Collection set with hand cream, body polish and a body wash that share the same smell. I tried searching on the internet for the price of this and where you can buy it but the only place I could find it was eBay selling for about £7.00 for the whole set, which isn't too costly so I recommend you buy it.

      2.   First Sensibility – B.A.P

      I’ll probably be a bit biased but this album is like a present sent from the Gods. Most of the songs are really different to their usual powerful songs and they’re still up to the quality you would expect from B.A.P. I love that they always try out a new genre and they always seem to suit it. This is proven because it got in the top 10 iTunes hip hop charts in 9 countries, number 1 on the billboard world album charts and so far they have won on music shows 3 times with this album. This album has become one of my all time favourites and it was only released last month and I would listen to it all day and everyday (Monday, Tuesday everyday~~...) if I could. My favourite songs out of all of them would probably be 1004(Angel), Lovesick, Bang x2, Body & Soul and B.A.B.Y. Even if you don’t listen to kpop then I would really recommend you listen to this.    

     3.      Maybelline Baby Lips – Pink Punch
    When this first came out I actually thought it was really overrated but last week I saw it when I was shopping and thought I would try it. First of all, it smells very fruity and there is a strong peach smell in it. I don’t wear very many ‘girly’ kind of clothes which this colour would suit so when I first put it on it looked a bit weird but I rubbed it in and the colour was a bit fainter and also suited my light hair and pale skin more. This is mainly a lip balm and it does do what it says it will do, for me at least (moisturise lips for 8 hours).

4.      Hoodies                                                      

      In the UK it’s starting to get warmer now, it’s still very cold, but I don’t have to wear gloves a hat and a scarf when I go outside anymore so I’m wearing as many cold weather clothes as I can until summer and right now I have been buying and wearing hoodies all the time.

        1 -, Brian Lichtenberg, Homiés Cotton-blend Jersey Hooded Sweatshirt                 
2 - New Look, Deep Red Quilted Zip Up Hoodie
        3 - Kohl's, Nike Club Fleece Hoodie
        4 - PINK, Pullover hoodie

     Hope you enjoyed~!